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A hope < a wish < a dream < a commencement < a plan < a process are 6 stages of human reality. This second article in The World Of Ideas aims to help you interpret your own dreams. Identify your dream-self and understand the butterfly effect with Lorenz Attractor for your own perspec...
More on Barbados' 5o years of independent nationhood. Here I use a 2013 article to link Google's "Artificial Intelligence" cloaked internet policing to the gulf between Barbadian PM Freundel Stuart's claims about our country's democracy and the biased actions of key, "...
We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
The holidays are fast approaching and too much alcohol consumption can cause a lot of problems. This article talks about the tips to stay away from alcohol and what to do if you drink too much.
The American government did not use airplanes to kill off its own citizens. They did it by stealth.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
What happens when a dream is more than a dream? It may become the stuff of legendary nightmares.
As a human I have thoughts and ideas of how the actions and reactions of 9/11 has effected humanity. These are some
Patriot Day... Never Forget... 9/11. This is my tribute to the heroes and the fallen. The link on the first line will take you to an audio recording, as Pentagon is both poem and song.
I, like many were riveted to the horrific and heart-wrenching scenes taking place in the United States of America on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. It's a reminder of how much the world has changed.
A true story and senseless act carried out by heavily armed forces for reasons that have an undertone of revengeful and uncivilized based structures as it is typically acted out on helpless and unresisting humans, and is never the less barbaric in its very nature.
A treatise on how terrorism has changed over the centuries.
The revelation has all the elements of a tragedy on the day it happened and much more so before it did as the whole scene and act evokes the famous line from Macbeth: "By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes." - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
After the tragic event that occurred on September 11, 2001, people still remember the sorrow and distress on that solemn day. Why?
I have met the enemy and it is us. We have allowed the idea of being right to over rule the need for clear decision making. Educated guesses can no longer be accepted.
Going to the USA for the first time, and a horrible synchronicity, public history in the making, and a classic motorcycle.
Actor, author, musician, songwriter, film director, spokesman, comedian, voice actor, William "Bill" Shatner is a pop icon that is one of the most widely recognizable celebrities of today. He also is just a man who is a father and grandfather. He gained worldwide fame and became a cu...
This article is about the brutal terrorist attack on the world trade center
Today was 9/11/12; eleven years after the horrific 9/11 tragedy. Today was also a day so very much like that day back in 2001, that it was eerie. The sun was shining, a clear blue sky above, and then, and then all hell broke loose!
9/11 will forever be etched on our minds, and in our hearts
On the nights of November 5, 1605, September 11, 2001 and February 10, 1567 explosives were placed and some detonated to bring down buildings where people were housed. This is about these different occurrences. Some falsehoods were attached to the reports given out. Conspiracy theo...
Do something when you see a crime committed against a child
Highlighting the need for that one true love, friendship, and how, without it loneliness reigns supreme over humans. A look at how a special someone can capture our heart and how much havoc it can cause to have them not be in our lives.
Was 9/11 a warning from God to a sinful and arrogant nation, a nation that has forgotten God and the reason for its existence?
Safety on the roadways is important at all times, but especially when winter weather is around. Watch out for emergency employees during the winter months, as they are trying to do their job.
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