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Possessions, achievements, things you love and all other things you cannot carry with you when you depart. What you do good in this world remains with you, when you depart.
On the Fourth of July I always think of my service to my country, and the service of all Americans asking nothing in return.
A story in poetic form about the desert, the old west and what is left of it. Perhaps this old place was one of the Wild Bunches hideouts, who knows. Its just some old place along highway 89 in southern Utah that we stopped to take pictures of, and etch it down in words.
.This is a poem about the world we live in. A poem about self truths as I see them.
A poem that most people with Grandkids can related to. Not to be taken too seriously.
Sitting in a crowded place feeling lonely and seeing you are not the only one.
Sitting back and looking around and realizing the things that perhaps you miss or wish you had.
A fictional account of working as a sales representative selling fireworks
An account of reconnecting with someone from the past through the internet.
A description of the preparation of a "typical" Sunday meal.
A poem that displays a comparison between an event in the present and on in the past.
It can be classified as a song about life and its ups and downs
It is a simple poem about the times we feel stagnated
this is a poem I wrote, I write poems with the same or similar title as a good friend but she finished hers ages ago
This poem just fell out of me when I was eating my lunch, my memory isn't great so I rushed it so I could write it lmao
this is a poem about what life is and what it could be.
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