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This is a General Hospital fanfiction. The characters are owned by ABC and General Hospital. The story is my interpretation of what could've happened.
After entertaining fans since the 80s, General Hospital fan favorite, Anthony (Tony) Geary bids adieu to the role of Luke Spencer.
A commentary on the suspension Of Brian Williams and how it goes much deeper.
Michael “Sonny” Corinthos, Jr. (Maurice Bernard) is a prominent character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. Sonny, a manic depressive mob crime boss who runs a “coffee import/export” business in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York.
In honor of James Scott's last airdate on the NBC daytime serial, "Days of Our Lives," who has played the character of EJ DiMera for 8 years.
Roger Howarth has been an iconic fixture on ABCs One Life to Live since he was cast as Todd Manning in 1992. He is currently on ABCs General Hospital, portraying Franco, a role that was previously played by James Franco.
This is a tribute to the actress who has played the character of Starr Manning on the ABC daytime serial One Life to Live since she was 6 years old.
April 1st was not only April Fool's Day, but also the 51st anniversary of the ABCs longest running daytime serial on air, General Hospital.
Just a brief poem on why I love my mum and how much for all the things she has done for me even though I wasn't the nicest of children. I love you mum x
Article i wrote early in 2013 , for a now defunct website .
review of the walking dead game on Facebook and why you should play it for yourself to find out!
As many may have known, when [b]One Life to Live[/b] ended back in January 13, 2012, several actors have already landed roles on [b]General Hospital[/b].
When an ABC show reveals the new cast of Dancing with the Stars it means the premiere is not far behind. Once again the 12 cast members consist of a Disney star, NFL player, former women's tennis champion, pop/rock singer, TV host, opera diva, former child actress, telenovela actor a...
ABC has an awesome television show, called Once Upon a Time. Fans of fairy tales, or LOST will love this show, but may be wondering about the plot. Here is a basic plot summary of the show Once Upon a Time
As One Life to Live's last air date looms, January 13, 2012, this will be one sad day when One Life to Live airs its last episode.
For soap opera fans, watching soap opera viewing provides romance, adventure, and plenty of drama. Watching the stories unfold, even if they are drawn out for several months entices the soap fan to continue watching these stories.
After months of botched DNA tests, it finally looks as if John McBain--Michael Easton--will finally learn that Liam is his son....
[b]Roger Howarth[/b] created the role of [i]Todd Manning[/i] on ABC's [b]One Life to Live[/b] in 1992 and left the role in 2003--which was successfully recast by [b]Trevor St. John[/b].
September 23, 2011 is the last day for ABC's Daytime serial, [b]All My Children.[/b] ABC will air a 2-hour episode as its final episode.
In anticipation of Roger Howarth coming back to ABC's Daytime Soap Opera, One Life to Live, rumors have been speculating that he would be back to reprise the role he created, Todd Manning. But where would that leave his predecessor, Trevor St. John, who took over the role in 2003, wh...
In Memory of Trevor St. John, who has played the role of Todd Manning on ABC's daytime soap opera, One Life to Live, as he departs the role.
Has Dr. Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown) reign of terror finally come to and end on the ABC daytime serial, General Hospital?
What's with the reference to former president Bill Clinton? In the June 22, 2011 episodes of Daytime Serials, One Life to Live and Days of Our Lives, they made references to former president, Bill Clinton.
The original portrayer, Roger Howarth, who played Todd Manning on ABC daytime drama, One Life to Live, is back to claim the role he originated.
Madison, Ryan, Greenlee and Scott suffers an untimely loss.
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