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It's a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it! -- Somerset Maugham
We all have thoughts. But only some of those thoughts get to the final stages of action and generation of results. Here is a formula to get our best thoughts manifested in these sections, broken up into three parts. (Maybe more with longer titles to them and a little more elaboration ...
These glass bottles or jars that once contained tomato puree or marmalade could make attractive items for the house if they're decorated finely. Read to know how.
There has to be unlimited faith and trust in your own abilities to succeed in highest level. One needs to develop self confidence in order to lead a successful life
Not all people who can lead, but there are those who fought boldly to achieve this important title in groups and businesses. In this article you will understand how to be a true leader.
My youngest brother bought a new furniture for his living room, so he endorsed his old sofa to us. It is still useful, only it needs a new cover and slabs of foam to make it firm.
The imagination is one of our most powerful tools to use for in it we can create anything. Yet we also get everything that goes with that creation so it would be wise to hold images of loving and light, joy and abundance always for The Highest Good. Many of you won't but then perhap...
This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.
Yes with the grasp of the recession getting that tighter one has to make some choices
Our DNA may hold more information than we suspect.
This page is about the qualities and abilities, a leader must posses
Had you ever wondered about the mysteries of life? About the differences of each one of us? Why we are different in color, languages, beauty, ability, wisdom, intelligence, behavior, etc.? There's a reason and logic behind everything. The only thing you need is an inquisitive and open...
This article is about believing our own ability and do our things with hope
Yes the master did not allow us to see the future but we could still make some preparation in our personal life.
Have you ever been critiqued on your writing skills? It may be the best thing that you ever did, because you will find out your writing strengths and weaknesses. Some new writers come out of the gate strong - like a hurricane - but fizzle out once stranded far away from the ocean. Rea...
Unless every individual understands the importance of balance in nature, the chance of revolutionary change is very bleak. According to me, its high time females got rid of this mental, physical and social slavery.
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
The poem conveys how our own griefs are ended when we help others.
The act of creativity is the ability to use your imagination to produce new idea
Another distinguishing element is the learner’s family and cultural background. The learners have their different personalities as well as behaviors. They come up in different upbringing practices which influenced their personalities.
I chose to use one of my own paintings to depict the inestimable bondage of ill refuted 'trials and tribulations' we bring upon ourselves when not following the dictates of our own heart. The journey through our incalculable precarious soul will add irretrievable beauty and ineffable ...
If we judge too quickly, harshly or habitually, we grow old and bitter. Nothing affects the spirit and wrinkles the face like unnecessary, uninvited, unwanted opinions on matters that do not concern us. If we have grown stale, we are far too involved in affairs that don't interest us ...
Background We all go through life with fixed ideas, notions, values, interpretations and formulated opinions, which color and distort every inch of our lives. We are unaware of it. Charlie Braxton McRoy exposes
In this industrial age the worker, of necessity, is interested in security. He is dependent upon the actions of others.
It is impossible to begin recruiting or to go through the process of selecting suitable personnel unless one knows about the job to be filled.
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