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Abused women are at a disadvantage in their relationships, because they do not understand how they got where they are and why this keeps happening to them. They also do not know how to break the cycle (most of them). They often blame themselves and try to mend things by doing more a...
This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
A man and woman relationship is a very delicate and sensitive one. Love is no doubt an overriding factor between the two but, if love starts to fade then dislike and hatred creeps in and leads to abuse and domestic violence.
A lost journal entry of rage and anger towards my ex after an abusive assault has now helped me to move forward with forgiveness. By sharing I hope to help others as well.
This is a poem I wrote as I am trying to find a way to forgive and let go of my past, writing has been my greatest tool in dealing with pent up emotions and fears.
After the recent incident of gang-rape in Delhi, I am sure this is what majority of women in this country are feeling at the moment.
The abuse of elders by caretakers is a worldwide issue. In 2002, the work of the World Health Organization brought international attention to the issue of elder abuse. Over the years, government agencies and community professional groups, worldwide, have specified elder abuse as a soc...
our women are under-appreciate. it hurts me to see men abusing women when they should be loving them and pampering them like the queens and princesses they are.
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