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We we talk about spousal abuse many times the men who have been abused are never talked about. This series will focus on abused men.
We we talk about spousal abuse many times the men who have been abused are never talked about. This series will focus on abused men
We we talk about spousal abuse many times the men who have been abused are never talked about. This series will focus on abused men.
Indian government recently passed amendments to labor laws, allowing children above 14 to work, without considering in depth the implications it has for the country.
I thought it would be interesting to try and get some feed back regarding the topic of sexual harassment, I truly wonder if the average man has any idea how it feels to be a woman in society today, having to face these kinds of situations in daily life.
This is a poem bout loving your family even in hardship and finding light finding you and a boys journey to poetry
A gist of my life, listen to children, be close to them, be their friends because they are fragile, don't hurt their feelings.
Single mom of four struggling to find a way out of severe abuse when it all leads to me feeling wemon have no right s
This is a poem I wrote as I am trying to find a way to forgive and let go of my past, writing has been my greatest tool in dealing with pent up emotions and fears.
the story of a little girl was was molested in the park. the mother was unaware of the sexual abuse by the predator. AS the days went by the mother notices the change in her daughters behavior but chooses to think that its nothing serious until one day the child confesses that she had...
I as many others "find sometimes that they get stuck in a rut so it do we solve this.we try a different approach ,or maby ask somebody for help us.often somebody we know comes into our rescue to help us see things" differently.
The anguish and hurt felt in the abused, cries out for release, always to be remembered! No, this is not personal, but for all those out there who feel this!
A scene from what was written as a screen play..I ran across it and edited into story form. Maybe a chapter for a book. I'd love to know what you think.
Some one advises older onesnow to take abusers to task I wonder how when the sun has set many times over...
This page is about the physical abuse against the women in our society
Dysfunction in my child hood there was no word for it as I was growing us I realized how much a person could hate. Parents are supposed to be loved but I found it hard to love them. Parents were suppose to give children encouragement , Example in my home was ... Dad drunk, fight , b...
Examining the end result of children who have been abused and neglected and who grow up and kill
There is a lot more than we know or understand "behind closed doors"! Domestic Voilence should not be tolerated, at any cost. But still some women give up to their self respect and dignity to amaze most of us, but there are always 3 sides of the story.......
There is more than one way of abusing a dog, neglect is as bad as physical violence, and Toby is suffering in a way that no dog should ever have to.
How many youngsters out there are trying to come to terms with the trauma of abuse? Trying to outrun a damaged Past that constantly resides within their head....Trying to come to terms with something they had little control over...? It is a sad fact, that there is still way too many.....
Another short poem about the mood swings I often experience and my response to such.
Prince explains all about his life, and why he is so happy now.
a brief generalized profile of the abuser and victim
Domestic violence comes and many shapes and forms. Acknowledging the abuse isn't always easy. Save yourself and your children before it is to late. Find true happiness without violence.
A woman is trapped in an abusive relationship.For years she thinks that females are the weaker gender and that husbands are supposed to abuse their wives. She soon comes to realize the truth that abuse is not warranted and normal. She will take a stand but at what cost.
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