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Students write reviews for almost each subject. And all the time they are looking for a scheme with instructions to write a GOOD review. This article gives them clear instructions for writing and explains what to write on each step.
This essay is on the importance of holding academic honesty throughout the student life. Academic honesty builds up one’s personality among his peers and is always given importance and is seen with great respect even in the eyes of the teacher.
Captive minds and Intellectual Cowardice is an examination of the way politically correct authoritarianism is suppressing freedom of speech and thought. It starts in Universities and academic institutions and the political arena and is noe extending to restricting suppoters chants at ...
We can get used to being proud parents. My eldest exceeded our expectations as his parents.
the issues of life are stories only a poet can vividly tell. this literary work could blow your mind into a new sensational, thought provoking duel against time's injustice.
The number of suicides has been increasing causing concern to one and all. On this day, the World's Suicide Prevention Day let us all light a candle and take a pledge to prevent suicides.
The present page is a substantially abridged version of an article on research methodology written by me earlier at . The page highlights a tool called coordination schema that may be useful for undertaking academic research activities.
In Adrienne Rich's life and writing, we can trace a mini history of women in the 20th century. Her writing clarified the need for women to define themselves on their own terms.
Educational excellence and real performance are correlated, one could not go without the other.
I had a very hard time during the period i was offered admission into the university as a result of my change of course,which took a very long tie before it was implemented and approve by the vice chancellor of the university.
Review of the following source: Bray, Francesca. Technology and Gender: Fabrics of Power in Late Imperial China. University of California Press, 1997.
Heading to university can be a daunting experience. You can never be too prepared for your first year. This article hopes to touch on a few more important aspects of university life.
As we approach exam times, we also need to think of what we want to do when we leave school. If you want to continue your education to a university (or college) level, you need to be looking at places now. Read on to find out the best way to find the right place for you.
This is a personality quiz to see what type of professor you would be if you were a professor, or if you are a professor, it takes a guess at what kind of professor you are.
We have all heard the numerous reasons for making sure children eat a balanced breakfast every morning - increased energy, weight loss, and brain power to mention a few. But there are a number of other reasons why children should not neglect that crucial first meal of the day.
10 secrets to social and academic success for college students
Well, not really, I just thought that sounded amusing. /insert thought-torrent here Oh, and "a not-so-hidden message..."
OXFORD, The city of "Dreaming Spires" And the home to the oldest surviving University in the English speaking world.
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