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Those who are online instuctors know how difficult and messy these situations prove. Perhaps, as a seasoned instructor and one that adheres to the strict "rules" of professionalism, online etiquette, and university policy, I provided a protective shield.
What brought the Dark Ages on and how and when did it actually begin? Who "began" the ONE GOD doctrine and would it catch on with the Seed People of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
The Tree of Life is recorded as one of the great mysteries of religions backed at times by what you call myths; but what, in fact, has the altered history of the Tree of Life actually hidden from the people? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
It’s that time of year again: We’re approaching that point in the semester when everything gets crazy! Let’s say you have daily assignments to finish, massive tests, family, friend and relationship things, work (for the working students), and trying to keep a social life. At lea...
The article is about Hockey - its present situation and ways for the improvement of the game . Hope you all like it and please comment your views .
Getting an A grade is a tough job for many students, but it's not impossible for you to be a high achiever. Here are my own experienced tips for you , How you can get an A grade in any test? what we can try when mind gets blank in examination? when you can find out nothing to write ...
Advice on analyzing your topics and improving your writing skills.
A Summary and Response to Gerald Graff’s 2003 Essay: Hidden Intellectualism, an essay that attends to the hidden curriculum of life that America fails to impart within its educational system, thereby marginalizing the definition of academic success.
I had a very hard time during the period i was offered admission into the university as a result of my change of course,which took a very long tie before it was implemented and approve by the vice chancellor of the university.
King Arthur was not the only one to burn the cakes.We built a boat in the front room and sailed it on the River Thames,then it sunk.
You sit with a few mothers and in a few minutes someone complains about the school their kids go to. No one really knows what is a good school, they just know what they are sending their kids to is not the one. Those paying a lot of tuition for private schools pretend their kids are i...
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