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There are a few database design and modelling fundamentals for database designers. Regardless of which software package is used, the approaches to database design remain the same. To design databases, they can be sketched out and drafted onto paper beforehand with a few design approac...
Databases are essential for record keeping. You can set up databases with database software packages, or even spreadsheet applications. Either way, both include options for database tables. Establishing database tables are a big part of database design and the number of database table...
Databases are one of the most widely used software applications. They are used by a number of organizations, to store, collate and organization a variety of data.
This is a brief introductory guide to relational databases.
If you have a cabinet based filing system, you can replace it with a paperless one. This is largely thanks to database software, as the applications have steadily been replacing cabinet-based filing systems. The advantages of databases are obvious enough, as they can keep any number o...
A brief guide to setting up databases with OpenOffice.
Did my activism pay off? Last month, I filed a complaint against my internet service provider for being inaccessible to deaf. A short time after that, the FCC, which usually does nothing, actually served that complaint on the provider, a very large corporation. A very short time after...
This is an article about the continued fight against the ACA or Obamacare.
Google Drive is a cloud service that allows its users to upload data onto a cloud server for free that can than be accessed from around the world based on the assumption of an Internet connection.
Yes good to have such access, but some aspects of life can be neglected
How we are seemingly become so dependent on technology, exercise that care as its threat of control is in the air.
Interested in knowing what the banks look for when reviewing your loan application ? or accessing your credit report ? Then continue reading..................
The access of information, had made clients question the professionals more.
Thinking of getting a computer accessory that uses bluetooth? Find out the pros and cons of them.
How the computer has become to be a sort of master, but as always exercise some care.
Google have announced they are opening up Google Docs to support any file type, with a filesize limit of up to 250 Mb. Great news for backing up and sharing documents.
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