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If you’ve ever been involved in a texting and driving accident , then you know just how frantic and expensive things can get without having an excellent lawyer.
When a romantic holiday in Mallorca turns horrific, the author must act beyond what she thought she was capable.
"Slowly Petros! Slowly! SLOWLY PETROS!!!", Father says more and more strict to Petros. And then, it's too late.
We're having our Sunday afternoon lunch at Mike's Kitchen. We reserved a table but arrived 30 minutes late so our table was given away to someone else, or so we suspect, because the small little table in everybody's way that they give us was really pitiful.
Taking into account the shape of an aeroplane's fuselage that is required for it to be aerodynamic, will the aeroplane still be able to fly with door openings open on the fuselage? Father found out the hard way...
Horrible experience. Sorry, but it's too horrible to recall. So I won't. Bye.
I enter the west wing to keep our breakfast date Mother, Father and I have. But, breakfast isn't ready. Instead, I find Mother standing at the door and Father talking to Harrison outside at Harrison's truck. Mother quickly informs me there's been an accident. I take a look out the ...
Yep, fire is a tricky old thing. One moment you're still enjoying the dancing flames, the next moment your face is on fire and the world around you is melting.
Ok, we can't see it but I think we quite found the rock garden now. Mother drove straight into the rocks with such force, that I'm scared that the car's air bags are going to pop out now and be in our faces, and we'll have to contend with those too!
Well, what are we going to do with our last moments? Mother and I are obviously not going to be alive much longer.
While dealing with injuries will itself prove to be a painful experience for you. you need appropriate legal help and this is where a personal injury lawyer comes into the picture.
I first heard my song sang by the "King" of Pop music from his concert in Hawaii. It gave me such a thrill when I needed to be uplifted the most. Even though the words were changed I still recognized it and knew that someday it would become famous. This is a dedication to my dear frie...
Zoey's had a mishap which led to a trip to the emergency room. She's now home resting and her plans have gone awry. Something strange is going on at the old stone house and Zoey is determined to find out just exactly what that is.
Sam stopped at the food pantry to drop off a delivery to Miss Jane. He dropped off a letter for Max from Danielle and informed him about what he found out about Bobby's mother. Max listened quietly.
Getting advice from a competent financial adviser is very important. Visit your accountant to determine current and future liabilities and plan your position .
When i was young, i used to be very naughty and was also very active. I was very daring enough to face up anything at that young age.But one incident really shook me
This is an interesting story of a surgery 51 years after Arthur Lampitt had who had a seven inch lever for a turn signal stuck in his arm. Here is the unusual story
Almost on a daily basis, someone is hit as he or she attempts to cross a street or someone in a wheelchair, trying to get across an intersection, is run over. Too many times people don’t stop to help or if they do pay attention, it is just because an accident has occurred. The peopl...
No matter what the plans are for any given day, within that day something will happen that we can either take as an opportunity from which to learn or we can look at what happened as another obstacle to our happiness. The choice is ours.
Pittsburgh has more than its share of haunted bridges possibly due to their deep history that dates them back to the 1880's, and many of them have had tragic events bestowed upon their steely transverse platform. Bridges are unquestionably one of the most captivating structures found ...
Maine offers a deep history filled with mystery, intrigue and ghostly sightings, and the five midcoast Maine towns of Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, and Damariscotta are no exception. In fact historic sites that have a background for housing orbs, manifestations, apparition...
Halmich Park falls on the section of 13 Mile Road where the realm of darkness takes over in a flash, and once darkness falls it tricks you into a sinister maze of nightmares that could only happen in the dead of the night. Gruesome encounters with dark figures has been an ongoing thin...
The Ferris Mansion in Rawlins, Wyoming has a few deceased occupants that have chosen to hang around. The paranormal activity covers occurrences from unexplained electrical malfunctions, strange sounds, and ghostly sightings that even put the paranormal experts on edge. Footsteps, knoc...
I accidently step upon an anthill and the commotion that follows.
To identify Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and learn the options in its treatment can help the ones who suffer from tragic events, the traumatic occasion like recent accident of MU 370 disappearance and capsized Korean ferry boat.
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