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Accounting has come a long way since when they were concerned with the black and white of real time figures on ledgers with description of trades made or terms of services rendered.
Fairness and value are the most powerful concepts in reality. They are what real economies are based on. This is simply that pure concept of fairness and value expanded.
Life is like a vapor today is here tomorrow is gone Good or Bad life we shall speed up one day to meet with our creator Our deeds will manufacture our destination And rewards will be allocated to every traveler... Revelations 14:13
For half a century, Kenyans have been duped by a voracious centralized bureaucracy and made to believe that their development requires technical expertise they don't posses. Kenya's weak state capacity has been worsened by corruption and skewed allocation of resources.
a poem about a city once known for it faithfulness, moral and right way of living turns bad suddenly nothing will last longer than it should on the last day secret will be made known
When comparing the procedures which are to lead to the biggest bilateral trade agreement ever negotiated, the weaknesses of the ever evolving European Union appear blatantly. They resound the fear of those who see in the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a pot...
The lack of accountability regarding the procedure of negotiations for the TTIP leads inexorably to the marginalisation of the EU citizens. Only by considering this procedure as provided by the TFEU, their absence appears flagrant. Though the European Union Parliament remains a fundam...
Life and work are as good as we make it. Without mincing words I will tell where the blame lays when "it all goes wrong" and how best to succeed even when it does go wrong for awhile and how to genuinely make it right.
Getting frustrated about lack of development where you live and work. Do not, and instead check for ways to ask Government as to the details of its different schemes just by filing a simple Application Form.
So what goes on the accounting and bookkeeping departments? What do these people do on a daily basis?
A new dawn can rise only when we listen to the inner consciousness where our Kingdom of Heaven reigns at least as long as we exist in our present state. A turn of consciousness should happen to refocus our efforts for inclusive society and oneness.
There is a method in the working of Universe which may not be apparent now. Justice will be served eventually. Our actions give us solace or boomerang on us for our willful deeds. None should shortchange others and thereby divide society for personal gains.
Democracy and Freedom go hand in hand. Sadly, they have proven to be elusive to vast majority when few call the tune whoever is in power. The lofty ideal of government of the people,by the people and for the people remains a mirage for most. Time for the next positive step.
This page will focus on issues relating to Accounting & Finance topics.
It is clear the unseen hand of the Creator is guiding us but we cannot take Him for granted. We are accountable for our actions while He has to help others too to survive. We should not live like we have inherited the planet as other species too have to be nourished and protected. We ...
Bad governance, lack of transparency, and complicated procedures are major attributes of Independent India. They provide fertile ground for corrupt practices to grow. Global Integrity Report of 2009 also highlights some glaring flaws in Indian governance.
Do you accept responsibility for your actions? Is it ever your fault or always somebody elses? A bit about accountability.
India is a free country but the framework of governance is still colonial. Isolation of ruling elite from ordinary people and improper implementation of laws are both symptoms and reasons of bad governance in India.
There is a Judge, and there is Justice. Our time in this world is very much finite. When the time comes, and our name is called, some will be very much surprised to find out that there WILL BE full accountability for their past actions below. Only, the plan is that our last days in...
This is a wake up call to all grown-ups. GROW UP! Your choices and actions are your responsibiltiy.
As I voice the reality in poetry fashion, i have had my say, no anger abides, only passion.
Ignorance can be defined as the absence of intellectual knowledge for a certain thing. There is what we call vincible ignorance and there is what we call invincible ignorance.
It seems to us that we have no saying in what happens to us; but the contrary is true. We choose our lives, even though our decisions are made in a twinkling of an eye. We prepare to either accept or reject conditioning; hence, we choose our poems from what we live and experience.
At this time of year many businesses are rushing to get the accounting closed and prepare for year end audits. Frequently this has demanded much data from the Information Technology team, yet is all this panic-like activity really necessary?
These days businessmen cannot afford not to leave their finances in expert hands. They know the competition is stiff and they know that they cant just leave things to chance especially when it involves money.
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