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Accounting has come a long way since when they were concerned with the black and white of real time figures on ledgers with description of trades made or terms of services rendered.
It is very useful for users of financial statements, but they are not completely accurate. Accountants use a general historical accounts, too, that the accounting statements and understand the cost to make a similar way.
Financial Accounting and Reporting Lesson 11: Introduction to Development Stage Enterprises
These days businessmen cannot afford not to leave their finances in expert hands. They know the competition is stiff and they know that they cant just leave things to chance especially when it involves money.
There are often many opportunities for accounts payable fraud to occur in the small business environment. This article explains how accounts payable fraud can occur, how it may affect your small business and what you can do to eliminate this potential problem.
This article explains the subject beginning accounting. It includes detail about the debit entries, credit entries, balance sheet, etc.
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