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Irrespective of the type of business sector, enterprises have to find a way to manage their books. Some have an in-house accounting department which streamlines the finance and accounting functions but as the business enterprise thrives and grows managing the F&A functions can become ...
Fairness and value are the most powerful concepts in reality. They are what real economies are based on. This is simply that pure concept of fairness and value expanded.
In every civilized country, every citizen is obliged to pay its taxes on income and those who try to avoid such duties are to be penalized.
I don't see much difference between a Smart phone that was bought some years ago and another one launched and sold just recently.
It may not be romantic, but when decide to marry or to live together, we're arranging to have a sort of contract.
When we think we can´t do anything against the ever powerful banking system, there´re still few things that we can try for our advantage.
Why January is an uphill month and it´s a month to enjoy even though the so called festive season has ended.
Ledgers are used to account for all money spent and earned in the course of business operations. Using columns for debits and credits, accountants and business managers keep a running balance of company transactions. An accounting ledger that does not tally or match shows that money ...
The Internet users of Internet Explorer registry accounts of customers having Google and yahoo in Ireland were hijacked.
Having lots of followers on twitter is good for your business.But you may never know how many of these followers are real.A new tool has come out that tells you in real time if your followers are fake or real.
They say knitting can be calming, but that isn't the case for everyone. I'm convinced it saved my life.
There are lot of tips that can be used daily to save some thing,just like that some tips,while using your ATM cards (debit/credit)
THe profit and loss and the balance sheet are two primary statements found in a set of financial accounts. This article explores the two statements and highlights the differences between them.
My experience with yearning to commit to one primary site; however, simultaneously- wanting to explore many.
My Saving problems and a few tips that seem to work for me.
These are general trivial information about Facebook that everyone must get acquainted with.
The power of the change jar and other ways. The simple maths makes sense.
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