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Do you have the Imposter Syndrome? Anyway, read this piece and help me out.
It is said that you should celebrate every milestone you reach and with each milestone there are always lessons to be learned and as always (in my mind at least) lessons learned are best shared with others that will listen. Of course writing is about sharing knowledge and there is eve...
Grandchildren are always a source of immense joy. My grandchildren are no less. In fact, they are a notch better, in my opinion.
There are multiple and very important easy way to success in management level. If you can read this page I am sure you have to do something in your life..
Passion is a very intense emotion, it's so strong it can either enhance or destroy you, depending on how you allow it to affect your life.
Development of Inner Potential is vital for everyone. It can be achieved through proper study of self and understanding the meaning of life.
This article is about achieving in the poverty, lot of great leaders are example for this..
Many people today do not know that they have in and around them, and they seek for power else where. Every day we read one book or the other and you get knowledge, that is good enough because information is power.
What are our dreams and hopes? Even if our life is short – very short?
This page is about setting our targets and working hard to achieve it
This article is about achieving great things in our life. We can achieve a lot with our confidence and determination.
Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf were two great women who produced classic works in literature like 'Miss Dalloway', 'The Waves', 'To The Light House' and 'A Room Of One's Own'.
This article is about achieving our target. We must have a proper plan and organize our time to achieve our goal in our life
Many go through life enjoying what it has to offer, but constantly seeking peace and happiness. It's hard to distinguish true happiness. This is a poem that shares the feeling of finding it.
This is a short poem to remind us that despite how bad things can sometimes get, we're never alone
In a society that is obsessed with fame, fortune and beauty, it is a wonder how anyone can genuinely feel a profound sense of satisfaction within themselves.
“We have produced a world of contented bodies and discontented minds” - Adam Clayton Powell
We are someone's friend, brother, sister, mother, father, lover. We're dancers with day jobs, we're singers who wait tables and we're writers with bills to pay. But our work does not define who we are...
This article is to speak to women about loving themselves rather than concentrating on what they lack.
I know wat's in your mind. I know how you feel right now.....i understand your pain....
Douglas McGoger also recommended theory X and theory Y. According to Douglas McGoger, theory X illustrates an assessment by the manger to the employees believing that the people or the employees do not want to work hard and that they must be guided and force to work.
Believe in you. Believe in dreams. Realize your dreams. Keep smiling.
In all we do to achieve any measure of success, on has to take action, be it a physical or using a verbal method.
When setting goals for the future it is important to consider the step by step process of achievement
A class of naughty students turned into top position holders in the Board Exams after hard work of both sides...Teachers and Students...
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