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Uncle Hazel has talked to Father about my refusal to work for him for no worthwhile money, trying to go all smear campaign on me I guess. Over at the university, they shut down the drama course they were going to offer because there aren't enough people enrolled in it.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
A reflection on the life of Leonard Nimoy and his effect on culture as Mr. Spock
Take in the steps for turning into a performing artist. Research the different training necessities, preparing data and experience needed for beginning a vocation in acting.
A short quip on the phenomenon of "playing roles" throughout life and the necessity of illusion for life in general.
What is on the outside isn't always an accurate reflection of what is inside.
Sometimes we behave without maturity, people tell us not to act like children. Two such instances are captured as poems here.
Do we act like Christians or do we just talk about acting like Christians? Do we really need to go to church to be a Christian? What is the answer or is there an answer?
As my wife and I begin our retirement in Tucson, Arizona, I take a part-time job as a cowboy/actor on an old movie studio back lot which soon turns into the most fascinating work I've ever had. And more . . .
The poem is based on our thoughts, both contradicting and self reliable. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Do you dream of becoming an actor but can't afford Drama school? Read on..
Wondering how to balance working as an actor with paying the bills and maintaining your relationships? Here's some tips on keeping afloat
Ever wondered how some actors make it and others fade into oblivian? Read these tips to spur you on and give you a dose of optimism!
Acting is a competitive industry, here are some tips to help you stand up and be counted in the business of acting
Here are some tips on how to cope with mental setbacks on the road to becoming an actor - and how to stay focused in a tough industry
Ever dreamed about becoming an actor? Ever wondered how to turn your dreams into reality? Read on..
My experiences as a background actor on the set of Patch Adams starring Robin Williams and directed by Tom 1998.
The adventures of a Hollywood Private Investigator who does more than gather evidence for divorce proceedings.
Anyone can become a millionaire nowadays in Hollywood. Dream can come true. Here are some tips to make some money in Hollywood or NYC.
You may have the talent to write great scripts, great stories and ideas that can shake the word, but you still need the needed connection to sell such ideas. How then can you get that connection or rather work your way to the top where you actually deserve to be? Find out some steps y...
While many don't think that acting is a profession that they major in college, however, it is one of the best career out there.
One Bollywood actress Aishwarya Bacchan is acting in south Film idrector Mani Ratnam film "Rebecca"
This actual news footage shows a boy in Spanish Town Jamaica who is said to be haunted by the ghost of his dead friend.
A helping hand from my side for all the reclusive people out there who find it difficult to express and react to a situation.
According to "Radio Broadcast" magazine, the birthplace of radio drama was Schenectady, New York -- home of the General Electric Company's station WGY.
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