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If you meet your Guru or Buddha on the road, kill him is similar to what Sheldon B. Kopp said about "help outside of yourself without attempting to help yourself and have God meet you halfway as you are helping yourself. I want to get straight to the point here and now. We must genuin...
God is not going to get you out of bed in the morning to "lift" or "steal" a Dan Kennedy/ Dan Gable/Matt Furey/Psycho-Cybernetics saying, you have to do that of your own free will. Think about it: Reality is not going to get better by itself, you have to act on it. That is what this a...
Reality: Sometimes, actions come upon us so suddenly as needed that we do not have time to think too rationally, let alone make a list. I am going to give advice for those situations in life as well as show how to have attention in any situation that works for it.
We all have have dreams and we all daydream. We sometimes spend so much thinking that we lose tract of one very important thing. What? Wait no more. Grab yourself some coffee, a chair and park yourself on the floor. I don't want you to get too too comfortable here.
Are you overwhelmed just thinking about all you have to do? Holding back wont get you anywhere. Stop needing to do it all and start by getting off your buttocks and getting it done.
Drifting through life and looking for good times is not a way to live in my personal reality. But making good times through genuine honesty and long-term integrity is the way to live, love and everything. This morning, I was pondering the subject of this article,and I came to this con...
Here it is, as long as you genuinely can handle it, it is the right time to take the action. There is not any ideal time to act or make an excuse not to act. It is always time to try and then ultimately do now. Look at all failure as temporary and all success as permanent, because ult...
We ought to be thankful that God Our Creator has provided for us everything that we need to let the past go and move on. Just about everybody probably has a desire to let go of past hurts but may not be willing to forgive.
Well as they say better late than never...have been so busy planning a trip to Europe forgot that I had not added these for you to read...apologies...and much loving to all my friends here....blessings too...
What involvement can be as political “passion”; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics.
Thoughtless actions motivated by playing to the gallery for domestic consumption are stoking the flames of tension and war. When there are more pressing issues at home, why look for trouble far away unless it is just a smokescreen to keep the attention away from inconvenient truths. ...
We have to backtrack on weapons proliferation to fight for peace and rely on the spark of divinity that is the bedrock of the creative process. If humanity goes against what drives creation we will be consigned to the dustbin of history like others before us. We will self-destruct wit...
If you have someone do it for you later, they will usually do it to you now. What that means is, if you want something done properly, you cannot procrastinate, you must do it yourself efficiently and as soon as possible. This is the bulk of what the article and sections will be about...
According to Karma theory, this life is not everything. It is one of the links in a long chain. Soul is immortal. It is the body which is destroyed and not the soul.
We have to take responsibility and own up for our actions. Our leaders should recognize the consequences of their actions or inaction as they affect the lives of millions, nay billions. Let our decisions not be blinkered by our short lifespan here.
To step out from the crows and create new ways for others demands discipline
In this chapter I picked some reactions to the actions of Jesus from my early life. It shows us that the spirit were rotating the actions of the past to remind the self with the holy root. Enjoy seeing how the memory of the cross came in an environment void of the gospels.
We have individual talents. We should not be restricted by success parameters highlighted by the media so that we are not short-changed in life.
Because my imagination is free, I shall imagine for this piece that I AM Goddess and can make the Earth a place of Peace.
Yes parents should be careful with those deeds as they may be setting a bad examples
From the Robert Brewer Blog poetry prompt of writing a walking poem.
We see several things in our everyday life but miss some significant details.
I have chosen my three favorite poems from the end of the first decade of this Millennium
This article explores true love, how it makes us feel and what effects it has on our actions and daily life. It compares our actions when we have true love in our lives with our actions when we don't
No matter where one goes that power of culture will always come to the fore
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