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Smart watches or should I say "Wearables" are becoming very much the in-thing at the moment Last year it was "Activity Trackers" such as the Garmin Vivoactive, the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, the Polar Loop, the Jawbone UP2, the Microsoft Band 2 and the Fitbit Charge HR now it looks l...
An auditor should plan the audit so the engagement will be performed in an effective manner and minimize cost of conducting audit. The method of data processing employed may influence the procedures use by an auditor in his study and evaluation of accounting control. Data processing m...
Time knows no good until you decide to fill it – a very old saying. And it remains old because we think about it now and then. Pastime activities fill our time – and refresh us. Here we are going to see some intriguing places in North India and also, of course, how to fill time.
Almost everyone has a desire to be well ~ not just physically ~ but mentally and emotionally also. Many also want to be financially free to the extent possible. To accomplish this, one generally has to be willing to pay a high price in terms of time invested into getting the knowle...
Recreation is different from leisure in that leisure is passive indulgence while recreation demands some activity from the participant. Here we see some leisure and vacation time activity in various regions of the world, specifically touched by the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans....
This is just a humorous article about vacation or leisure time management activity. It tells you some good points as points out some absurd ones too…for those of you who are open to the funnier side of life. Gardening or travel catching and pinning butterflies or pretending to catch...
Procrastination is the thief of time. Make plans for vacations and leisure time so that you know what to do and when you have to do them. In this series of articles, you will see how many different activities there are. This will help you make an informed decision about what to do and...
Would you like to take part in this exquisite corpse? Read to know how you can take part.
On the off chance that you feel tired all the day long, then pay heed, you may be doing something incorrectly.
Population is heating up in almost all parts of the world as this is also effecting children as they are facing shortage of playgrounds now. Children have to play more in their younger age to be physically active
This is a writing activity created by surrealists to take over from the old game consequences.
This is taken from my college times when i enjoyed maximum. Getting introduced to seniors of the college and also moving around the college campus and all those activities i got involved in are very fresh even now
Living a comfortable life needs your health to be in good condition, but youngsters of today doesn''t seem to be giving much importance to this factor. Health is wealth and without health, one is nothing
There are many people who get lazy sometimes and sleep for more hours which is bad for health. Kids sleeping extra hours is just ok, but not adults and there might arise health problems even if one tends to sleep got less hours as our body does need rest after full day's activity
Eating is fun and that too in young age, one tends to over eat. At younger age, overeating may not cause any major problem as kids will be very active in those days.But eating more in old age when we exercise less, this may cause some serious health problems for sure
What causes depression, how do we fight it, and is there a cure.
A reflection on the purpose of public space for and the formation of a sense of self as seen in Florentine city planning.
One of the most haunted inns in Iowa invites guests to experience the paranormal activity firsthand.Dark shadows can be seen across the rooms as you sit quietly and watch. Voices from afar can be detected by the human ear and have been caught by electronic voice phenomenon equipment. ...
Game playing is wonderful and exciting. Getting the best games and consoles however is tough. Here we list the top games and consoles.
People with a clear vision of the things they have to do lead and win. To achieve bigger and better things, we have to make proper allocations for time. in our list we differentiate between the things we like to do and those that have to be done.
Exercise is a very important a part of our lives. Staying in form is a technique to extend your lifespan. Weight bearing exercises area unit vital additionally for increasing muscle mass and bone density as you age.
Is it really important that kids learn how to multitask at an early stage or should they be allowed to play like children? Is having a tablet or a cell phone in pre-school a necessity?
This is a recipe of how to prepare our own isotonic at home, wiht no preservatives nor colorants....a healthy drink for athletes.
Television is one of the main cause people become lazy beside bed and a soft couch, especially with the proliferation of channels that available nowadays. If you have been made lazy by television, read more to find out tips to avoid laziness because of television.
What You Can Do During Rainy Days? Sometimes rain can disrupt or halt our activities especially when the rain occurred in daylight where we usually have so many activities to do. Find out things you can do during rainy days.
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