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Who are the actors really, the clowns, the flying man made of steal, the old family with a drunken dog soon to be begging for cigarettes on the sidewalk while the B movies play on TNT as life goes on right outside our door.
We are all actors though most are not born to act! We play our roles and the majority takes care not to upset the apple cart of life based on give and take. Despite their noble intentions, some manage to spoil the lot through activities that leave us in misery. It is time to stick to ...
We take a look at the life and times of Robin Williams, and a quick glance at his horoscope as well.
Gordon William Lillie, better known as Pawnee Bill and his beautiful wife May enjoyed entertaining people, and in 1888 launched their own Wild West show so that they could share their creative forces with the world. The ranch comes alive as storytellers invite you to walk through the ...
As my wife and I begin our retirement in Tucson, Arizona, I take a part-time job as a cowboy/actor on an old movie studio back lot which soon turns into the most fascinating work I've ever had. And more . . .
What's life? i know right? no proper answer can be given fr that one. That is only what I am trying to justify here and also telling about the factors,and every bit of life:)
Wondering how to balance working as an actor with paying the bills and maintaining your relationships? Here's some tips on keeping afloat
Here are some tips to prove that surviving as an actor on a small budget, in London or any city, is not impossible!
We explore the life and times of Harry Belafonte, one of the world's truly great entertainers and social activists.
In the center of the controversy between Fox and Marvel because of the X-Men mutants that may appear on "The Avengers 2", now joins the party Hugh Jackman.
A hero or antihero, however remarkable he is, doesn’t make a good movie. Oblivion was about Tom Cruise and Iron Man 3 was about Robert Downey Jr.
George Carlin's wit was rapier-like, and he will be as much remembered for his social criticism as for his comedy. We take a look at his life and glance at his horoscope as well.
In childhood, everyone has many heroes. The first hero of a boy in his childhood days is none other than his father himself. To him, his father knows everything; his father is all-powerful to do anything in this world. As he grows, he finds other heroes.
Hollywood is the mecca for actors and movies. Because of its studios (Universal Studios) I have found my means of refuge when life gets to be too much. I can escape into another world, be someone else, and be in a different place. I'm grateful to the entertainment world -- it has save...
A helping hand from my side for all the reclusive people out there who find it difficult to express and react to a situation.
We take a look at the life and times of Brad Pitt, and take a quick glance at his horoscope as well.
We explore the life and times of one of Hollywood's supremely talented actors, Robert Downey, Jr., and we glance at his horoscope as well.
George Clooney was arrested yesterday in Washington,D. C.
We explore the life and times of Meryl Streep, and take a look at her horoscope as well.
In this article, I discuss the advantages of DVD rental over seeing films in theaters!
A reality show about playwrights having to do all sorts of humiliating stunts for a chance to have their plays performed on Broadway? Why not---everything else under the Reality Sun has been done.
Charging playwrights an entry fee: Possibly the killing blow to writing for the theatre.
We take a look at the life and times of the most handsome man alive, George Clooney.
News and Nonsense: a Blog about what has happened this week in the news, with a little nonsense of opinion and ranting.
We take a look at the life and times of Paul Newman, along with a glance at his horoscope
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