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Everyone enjoys cycling whether he is writers, poets, artists, actors or musician . This iron horse taught Ernest Hemingway about travel. Hollywood Stars even turn riding bicycle a fashionable trend, and every fashionista carefully chooses a vehicle that would be comfortable and styl...
Take in the steps for turning into a performing artist. Research the different training necessities, preparing data and experience needed for beginning a vocation in acting.
Google threatened fines of $100 million regarding the leaking of nude celebrity pictures. As known, in the recent months, often appearing several nude pictures of artists’ which posted on the site of 4chan.
The extreme violent nature of the Poltergeist movie along with the heightened story-line and the unexplained paranormal activity that engulfed the characters and film crew's lives during the time of filming gave way to truth being stranger than fiction. Supernatural phenomena began to...
A short obituary on child actress Skye McCole Bartusiak.
The 3 most popular Hollywood stars of 2013, The hunger games Jennifer Lawrence, Spiderman's Emma Stone and Twilights Robert Pattinson.
Williamsji Maveli's " NUTSHELL " - The Media Column : Malayalam Movie Artiste's Cricket Team "Kerala Stikers "
This article is about a famous actress known as Nicole Kidman
This article is about a well known celebrity actress known as Rose Byrne
This article is about a famous actress known as Lea Michele
This article is about a famous American actress known as Eva Longoria
This article is about a well known actress known as Kristen Stewart
This article is about a famous songwriter and singer known as Emeli Sande
This article is about a well known actress known as Blake Lively
Many beautiful British actresses have made names for themselves in the film and television industry. This is a summary of some of those fine actresses of the past and present. With beauty and talent, these women have become the object of adoration from fans worldwide.
This is a news write-up on popular Malayalam Movie actress, Swetha Menon - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Vivien Leigh was one of the most beautiful actresses of all times.Some of her notable and popular films were, other than the most well known ' Gone with the Wind ' , 'Waterloo Bridge' with Robert Taylor ,' A streetcar named desire' with Marlon Brando,'Ceasar and Cleopatra' with Claude...
The first poem "A Wedding....." is symbolically depicted with a resemblance of the bountifulness of nature. The second poem " A day in the life of an actress..." is showing the various situations of acting while the shooting is in progress. The third poem titled as " A shapeless blue ...
This is a biography and profile of Swetha Menon, a Malayalam movie actress
This page is a highlight on Beautiful Indian actress Tabu's acting talent
Berne Nolan was a lady of many talents, a singer and actress, but much more than that. I will remember her for her courage in the face of adversity, and the example she set to others. Read on to find out more.
Titanic: A Must Watch Movie I have shared my movie review here.
This is a dedication page to Leigh Taylor Young one of the beautiful young stars of the 70's. She has starred in many movies and now she shines her light around the world as a Bringer of Peace and Harmony and Loving to all.
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