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Is it possible that some kind of food make us feel addicted
A poem that has been going around my head for over a year. I tried to write this poem on numerous occasions but I was never fully able to finish it. This poem has obvious drug references but there's something else going on between the lines. Comments are open.
As most people are thoroughly sick of being told that everyday foods are very bad for us, especially when we know these conclusions are based on very dubious statistics, is it time to start challenging 'the science' with common sense points of view?
An eccentric mind after a good dash of slosh comes back home in the most sloppy way , faces little bit and ceases to sleep but eventually understands the irrelevance of it.
I am addicted to books like other people are addicted to alcohol. At cash registers, in grocery stores, I study magazines for my next hit and in bookstores, I feel a euphoria that must be similar to what a drug addict feels when he gets his next fix. This, in itself, does not mean I h...
My full chart of stuff Angel and Buffy stuff (comics and action figures) looking to trade or sell (in terms of the action figures).
Well we're ready to trade content. Instructions and full trading list as of September 2014.
Ready for a comic filled with Damn dirty apes? Here you go! Ready for an actual movie connected comic with actual intelligent talking apes like in the movie... or whatever was in Rise... well... it has apes... and it's free... and... never mind.
So you watched yourself some Guardians of the Galaxy and want yourself a bit of Rocket to read... well... there's this. Mind you it might be a bit out of date Rocket but here you go.
Come for the instantly retconned explanation why Venom is in Guardians. Stay for Thanos dropping in on Death's all knowing wading pool... again. Don't forget to wait for Dan Slott to show you the death of... Thespian Spider-Man... Sigh.
In as much I think free comics are the best way to plunge into new titles and get introduced to new things... these four Inifinite Comics don't count... also one of them isn't free.
A pony team up that has practically no team up... and still gets a 5 out of 5? My reasoning coming right up.
Comics like this is for the fandom. Pure and simple... but if your reading pony why not expand your horizons... here's an excellent place to start.
TAPS and the Travel Channel looked into the vast amount of reports from visitors claiming to have witnessed apparitions, strange noises and whispers while visiting the asylum. They were not disappointed. The proof was everywhere. Today the asylum is one of the most visited haunted ven...
The last app standing post Amazon's acquisition of Comixology at least in Amazon's mind, the Amazon Comixology app has been less than ideal ever since the acquisition... this latest kerflubble doesn't help you none.
Ugh. Two movie adapt comics in a row?!? I didn't intend for that but... oh well. Let's look at a comic called Operation H.I.S.S. ... that might have nothing to do with H.I.S.S. tanks.
Another comic prewuelling another movie... you know the drill but let's just say the obvious shall we?
Fred Perry. Not too deep, not too profound, not too bad. The Fluffle Puff of OEL... and we love Fluffle Puff so Time Lincoln #1-#2.
Do you care? I don't. Let's just get this over with. President Evil #2.
Continuing our review I will tell you why it works... and why it might NOT be for you past the overall message of "Imagine You in the Military Lifestyle"
Antarctic Press is the longest running publisher of politically correct OEL (Original English Language) Manga, back when it was still AmeriManga... doesn't mean a few titles they crank out can't suck... David Hutchinson' s President Evil, for instance...
Wrapping up trade paperback 1's content is Issue #4, the Twilight Sparkle Shining Armor team up in the Crystal Empire featuring a crystal ghost and new random assistant ponies including Keith Olbermann pony and... Mario and Luigi pony?!?
So we begin with the first three... I mean first two issues of America's Army... and a confusing #0 issue.
We kick off 4th of July week with your intro and subsequent reviews of America's Army from IDW.
So, for some unfathomable reason you want to read up on American Presidents but don't want to read political propaganda tripe pumped out by overtly serious agenda driven types... read this... then realize there's more on Philosophers (Action Philosophers) than Presidents... read this ...
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