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Millions of people in the United States use prescription painkillers or opioid pain relievers. Many take oxycontin to relieve pain but abuse it and become dependent on it.
This is the story of my life, the story of my fears and my nightmares, the story of a struggle of a life time and it happens everyday to good intentioned people, just like you, who have become lost in a world of mirrors.
This is a poem about life in the city for an addict who wants to be free of his addictions, but knows not where to start, so he does what he does best. He climbs back into his time machine and he flies.
Well it's Thursday and I went to group this morning at 5 AM and I decided I wanted to talk about, or say nothing, which ever you chose.
Every Thursday morning at 4:00 AM I start my drive for early mourning group, no matter the weather, or how I feel. There are no excuses for missing this meeting, no ups, no extras.
I am a recovering writer, addict, and alcoholic who spent 47 years in the bane of my sickness because I had convinced myself there was no way out. I had finally come to that point in my malady where I believed the only way out of heroin addiction was to take a hit so big and so mighty...
While the show must go on, and you are the star, the dialogue, responses and outcomes can change. Recovery gives an opportunity to revisit the stage and act better.
Far to many people yearn for the mental vitality of our youth, while accepting the demise of our aging minds without a fight. Brain games, such as crossword puzzles and sudoku can help but what if we're unable to concentrate enough to do them? This is information on how to improve the...
Joe Johnson, was reclining in his favorite chair looking around his basement Man Cave. He enjoyed the serenity of surroundings. On the wall his fifty-two inch T.V., on the table to the left sit his combination stereo and mp3 player, along the walls , are mounted surround sound speak...
This is a very candid, open and honest reflection of my past struggle I have had for the majority of my adult life with various drugs.
This is a fictional poem that is written to illustrate how serious compulsive gambling can be and what some of the consequences of uncontrolled gambling are
This poem is about the kindness to a compulsive gambler that helps him or her turn her life around
This poem reflects the benefits of writing poetry to one who is struggling to maintain his or her recovery from compulsive gambling
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