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This is the condition of obsession that leads to frequent use of drugs to keep the cravenness calm.
Is it possible that some kind of food make us feel addicted
"Yes, I'm a bum, deal with it. I have nothing to offer society. Now, may I still have your money, pwease?"
With the increase in gambling addiction is it really moral and correct for so much gambling promotion and advertisement to everywhere in the United Kingdom?
I have heard many stories of various forms of addiction and so here it is.
Recovering from any sort of addiction is hard work. I've written this page as a recovered gambling addict to help others.
This chapter is about alcohol abuse and dropping out of college.
His chapter chronicles my struggle as a depressed teenager, overweight, a stranger in a strange land.
Most of us think that shopping is a necessary part of life. But in reality, we find that most of the shopping occurs out of greed! What is the remedy for this sickness of greed? Find the realities of modern shopping.
My friends, we live in a world where we are told, over and over again, by our mothers, our friends, in magazines, news papers, on the radio and television, if it hurts you some where, somehow, or someway, that we have a pill, or a cream, or some bubbling thing that will make it all be...
An eccentric mind after a good dash of slosh comes back home in the most sloppy way , faces little bit and ceases to sleep but eventually understands the irrelevance of it.
This is a poem about addiction and that world one lives in that awful state, though at times it feels right when to the moon we climb only to fall back down to a world of our own making.
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
Because sometimes the right love, the right soul mate, is an addiction.
This is the story of my life, the story of my fears and my nightmares, the story of a struggle of a life time and it happens everyday to good intentioned people, just like you, who have become lost in a world of mirrors.
I wrote this last night after seeing that I feel short and for what, surely nothing that matters in the scheme of things, a little biography, a true story that hope someone enjoys.
I have group in the morning and I was thinking that I might as well get started early tonight with another story of the mean streets of Salt Lake City.
Every Thursday morning at 4:00 AM I start my drive for early mourning group, no matter the weather, or how I feel. There are no excuses for missing this meeting, no ups, no extras.
The popularity and impact of video games today and how to deal with it.
I am a recovering writer, addict, and alcoholic who spent 47 years in the bane of my sickness because I had convinced myself there was no way out. I had finally come to that point in my malady where I believed the only way out of heroin addiction was to take a hit so big and so mighty...
Some celebrities experience ghostly adventures more then others, and it is believed that the stars see more spirits then other people because of their out-of-the-box thinking, open mindedness, creative thinking, access to foreign countries and ancient structures and of course their st...
I am an addict in recovery 10 years, but no matter how long I go without using, I am still an addict, for the disease is un-curable.
most of my writing is reflective of my journey as an adopted person. much of my writing is raw, dark and sometimes depressing.
Sex and drug addiction has the same brain activity as far as the research studies are concerned. These patients need medications.Others become sex addict due to exposure of pornography. Drug addicts become addicted to illegal drugs due to abuse.These activities are not normal.Experts ...
The tragic loss of Robin Williams where there maybe a connection to his death and the antidepressant drugs that are now being studied as a contributor to suicides.
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