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Marzeus has been washing his clothes in the washing machine. When it comes time to carry them over to the tumble dryer, he notices an interesting thing: The tumble dryer is moved forward and standing out of place.
Now a days many people are turning as compulsive eaters, eating more may effect the stomach and feel heavy after eating this is not a good habit
Tips to help you make it through algebra and solve word problems.
Multiplication of different items: (A+B)(X+Y)=A(X+Y)+B(X+Y) Square of an addition of two items: (A+B)2=A2+2AB+B2 Square of a difference between two items: (A-B)2=A2-2AB+B2 Multiply addition and difference of two factors: (A+B)(A-B)2=A2-B2
Do you know how to write computer programs? If you not know, just look through some basic C++ programs using arithmetic operators such as addition(+), subtraction(-), Multiplication(*), division(/) and fractional part etc. This article also contains download link of free software that...
Math is simply logic and reasoning. Math is present in every day life and is being used even when people don't realize they are using mathematical reasoning. From balancing a checkbook, baking a cake or trying to choose which credit card offers the best deal, the logic of math is bein...
The solution for any given problem is the result from our analysis. By looking on the title, you will not agree what is given. Imagine when you add 6 to 5 the sum is 9. How come? Impossible! But what if I told you that I am right to say it – that after adding five to six, the sum is...
It is important to know whether taking or drinking coffee or any beverages containing caffeine is beneficial to our health.
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