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Non-communicable are undeniably the leading cause of death in the world, representing more than half of all annual deaths which include over an estimated one million deaths among adolescent’s that were mainly preventable or treatable causes.
Living at high altitudes not only provides breath taking scenery but can give your health a boost to better health
There seems to be a trend where younger children in classrooms who are simply immature are being diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
Does everybody complain you never sit down? If they do, you might want to go to the doctor for a checkup to see if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ? If so, there is a medicine you might want to consider.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that commonly begins in childhood. Some people will carry this disorder into adulthood. Treatment is possible for reducing the symptoms.These children will have difficulty concentrating and finishing their work.
This medication is known to be one of the drugs of abuse and it can be habit forming. Abusing Vyvanse can cause serious side effects on the heart or death.
Short story and tips on how to cope with ADHD and around people who suffer with it also
This page is about attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and how nutrients, vitamins and minerals may be able to help.
Doing puzzles, playing Simon Says and sticking to set routines are some ways parents can help children with ADHD cope. Learn other ways to help your child develop focus, concentration and impulse control.
Sometimes it's hard to tell if children are energetic or have ADHD. Here's how to tell the difference.
What messages am I sending my children about this use of drugs/meds?
Tips for those who are newly diagnosed with adult attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder
Almost a third of people who were diagnosed ADHD in childhood suffer from it later in life. Their chances for developing mental disorders and even suicides are higher
First thoughts come quickly and often impulsively. Sometimes, the second thoughts are clearer and better.
A leading video game developer is hinting at using video games as an alternative to psychiatric drugs for treating ADHD
As a mother of a teen with Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD, I was particularly interesting in keeping up-to-date on new research findings. Research that was unavailable when I was a lone-parent, trying my best to cope with very limited information about the condition. ...
With so much information available to us, it becomes difficult to determine the good information from the nonsense. Yet still, for some issues, we still need more information because we just haven't got it quite right yet.
This is a diary, a picture, and a poem. I felt like doing a little sharing and soul purging.
Disorders are not easy to live with; they cause a lot of strife and sometimes it can get overwhelming. How does one snap out of a funk you can only get from the stresses of life? I try to fight through it, and other times I succumb to it.
This article focuses on the reasons which lead to behavioural problems in children.
This article discusses the challenges faced by sufferers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the recommendations for coping with the effects of the condition.
This page discusses the symptoms of ADHD and suggests recommendations to help a sufferer live a normal, balanced life.
We tend to educate little male warriors the same way we educate our little female princesses. The feminization of the American male has created a great deal of gender confusion and insecurity. Fewer and fewer understand the role of the male in American society.
What was will yet be - Maybe. Oy Vey! I have become one of "them."
A basic overview of the duties and functions of a pharmacy technician
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