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Saying good-bye to Max and his chattering and wishing him good fortune in his adult life.
A poem reflecting life in the hallways of high school
I wrote this poem on the 2nd of April,2013.I am a youth with lots of aspiration and sometimes it seems nothing is working so I used this poem to encourage myself and I hope it does same for other youths encountering same problem.
A poem I wrote when I was 19, confused, alone, and figuring myself out. An extreme range of emotions.
When we're little, we do what we're told because we're told to. As we get older, we wonder if our kids will listen to us -- or should we listen to them? If you like "They Might Be Giants," you'll probably like this. But maybe not. ;) It is set to music, but sorry, I'm not uploading my...
This article reflects mainly on the adolescence and drug abuse . Here you will know about ill effects of drug and alcohol consumption.
A story that revolves around a girl, Urooj, who faces additional issues with her mother other than her adolescence.
Realities of the world around us unnerve anyone. How we change what we can for the better and accept those that we cannot - is the only way to find sanity and peace of mind.
Transformation from adolescence to manhood is understood but its alarming when that transition goes haywire.
This article is about the rites surrounding the basic turning points in life: birth death and initiation. I dedicate this article to my Wikinut friend, Bronnamdi, who has recently lost his beloved father.
As skeletal development is responsible for linear growth, muscle growth accounts for a significant portion of the increase in body weight. The number of muscle fibers is established by the fourth or fifth month of fetal life and remains constant throughout life. Abnormalities in such ...
The study of Economics can be dry and boring, especially for adolescents who may be pre-occupied with other things.
As I near my own sunset, I look back on an enterprising episode of my youth.
She was an alcoholic, a drug addict, a prostitute, a thief... and she was just 14. She did what she had to do to survive.
Falling in Love, dreaming about your Idol is so much exhilarating and fun. It is alright as long it stays as a feeling of affection and admiration. When it turns into a crush or infatuation and starts affecting your life, it is time you did some introspection and sorted it out.
I am a teenager....and you too were a teenager once isn't it?then why are you deaf now or did you sell your heart?
A poem to remember that our youths all look alike inside our hearts.
This is an article explaining how common drugs are in teenage groups, and how they could be affecting your family
Some people said that SEX is the ultimate expression of love and no amount of education could change a person’s sexual behavior particularly that of the sexually active youth. If you will be asked – will you accept this reason and forget about sex education for our children and yo...
Concentration is an important and inevitable factor of studies. But many of our parents deplore that their teenage children are struggling hard to concentrate in their studies. What are the reasons?
Teenage drinkers suffer from various health complications as they grow up into adulthood. It is better to avoid drinking alcohol during teen years.
Get an inside scoop from what a teenager wants from his parents, how you should help him go through this though time.
Teenagers are feeling their way in the world towards adulthood, and it’s not easy at times.
Adolescence is a critical period in life. Home and people at home affect growth very much. Raja's dad is abraoad to earn money for survival. But at home?
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