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Sampled from Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," this short essay reflects on some of the things that I have carried, the things I still carry, and the things I have learned to let go.
A poem I wrote when I was 19, confused, alone, and figuring myself out. An extreme range of emotions.
When we're little, we do what we're told because we're told to. As we get older, we wonder if our kids will listen to us -- or should we listen to them? If you like "They Might Be Giants," you'll probably like this. But maybe not. ;) It is set to music, but sorry, I'm not uploading my...
Most people must dream of something, especially of having a prosperous life. But some people may still handle the needs of life even by living it simply, abundantly and peacefully.
Transformation from adolescence to manhood is understood but its alarming when that transition goes haywire.
In the globalized modern life, our kids have become the part of a convenience culture. Their taste buds decide what they eat and this picky eating affects their health. Eating disorders have weakened health generally, especially bone health of growing children.
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