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Sampled from Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," this short essay reflects on some of the things that I have carried, the things I still carry, and the things I have learned to let go.
Why are the city people more aggressive? The forests are good for your health. Do your own research.
The story of Gary Trotter, a young wizard studying at Swinemoles (previously published in Greenteeth Labyrinth and parts of it appear elsewhere) is obviously a parody of Harry Potter. I use a lot of innuendo and double entendre but I would not describe the content as "adult", it simpl...
A poem I wrote when I was 19, confused, alone, and figuring myself out. An extreme range of emotions.
When we're little, we do what we're told because we're told to. As we get older, we wonder if our kids will listen to us -- or should we listen to them? If you like "They Might Be Giants," you'll probably like this. But maybe not. ;) It is set to music, but sorry, I'm not uploading my...
A Taiwan artist Chen Forng-shean practiced art work of drawing on small particals like rice grain, he practiced this art since child hood days
there are some people who say they do in middle age do some adolescent thingc
“A Place Called Ugly” is a novel in English written by the award winning author of the “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” Avi Wortis. The book was published with 134 pages by the McIntosh and Otis Inc. in 1981. The catchy cover and title and the hilarious but dramatic p...
A book review of the novel 'How to be a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky.
I am a teenager....and you too were a teenager once isn't it?then why are you deaf now or did you sell your heart?
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