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Adolf Hitler may well be the most reviled man in history, but he gave us one gem for which we should all be grateful.
One in a series of articles documenting difficulties I have been experiencing working with England's police to address short and long-term threats to my and others business interests, health and security. I address militant Islamic terrorism and other forms of unlawful violence, espe...
Austria has honoured the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President Karunanidhi by issuing a stamp in his honour. Austria has refused to honour Jayalalithaa the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and President of AIADMK. This is because Jayalalithaa is a Brahmin whereas Karu...
Life has many twists and one of them concerns the commanding officer of Hitler in World War I who was a Jew
We take a look at the life and times of one of World War II's great military leaders, and glance at his horoscope as well.
I used to Believe Christianity and Islam are two different but similar religions, but the more I see the recent happenings, the more I get confused.
History is witness to many superstitious beliefs subscribed by both ordinary and famous people including those who were leaders, kings and queens of great nations.
Man is a curious rational animal and his curiosity led him to discoveries and inventions, including--why, dear Lord?--splitting the atom!
A Poem about the Second World War and the war crimes committed by the Nazis.
Jesse Owen will forever be remebered for one stunning week in 1936 when he rose above the odds to defeat racism, Hitler and his peers and win four gold medals, a record which stood until 1984 when it was finally broken by Carl Lewis.
These are some of the Famous People Who Died On January 3rd
There are so many interesting facts which most of us are not aware of. Twenty such facts are here to enrich your knowledge base.
The following article containsexamples of how powerful words can be and how they can have a lasting impact for generations to come, fFrom The Night Before Christmas too Adolf Hitler. Words can create beauty and child wonder or they can create pain and tragedy.
The illuminati had a connection with Adolf Hitler. Great mystery surrounds the exact events that surrounded the death of the nazi dictator. The surprising, and shocking truth is revealed here .
Hypochondria and its symptoms depression and anxiety, not be confused with Münchausen syndrome, although they are both psychiatric disorders, Münchausen syndrome differs in that sufferers feign diseases and illnesses whereas hypochondriacs have the illnesses or diseases.
God murdered more people in The Bible than the Nazis did...if you literally believe in The Bible, that is.
A general biography of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, covering the pertinent aspects of his life and deeds.
A description of the Big Lie as a technique of propaganda.
This article looks at the history of Nazi propaganda in India
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