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Why would any mother give up her child for adoption? For each birth mother the decision has different reasons. This article highlights one mother's story..
How 'illegitimate' children were dealt with by some 'orphanages' in the Victorian Era
This is the story of when I found my birth family after 40 years of being apart from them.
Babies selling and black market babies do not only go on in third world countries, they go on right in front of our noses.
Grace has been described as God's Unmerited Favor. Because of Who He is ~ and His great Love for His creation ~ mankind, He decided in advance to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself ~ through His Dear Son. It is apparent that this is what He really wanted to do....
An introduction to a personal side of myself. I grew up as an adopted and only child. Now in my forties, I am on a journey of healing.
Bringing a cat home, that sounds not easy when thinking about it. You don't need to change a lot of things. Remember that, Cats are easy going pets!!!
This is about adopting animals and how happy the animals are when you adopt them and show show them love.
A pet can make the humdrum of old age lively. Even the thought is enough to kindle the memoirs to give you enough warmth in the old age where the husband and wife are dependent more than ever in life.
most of my writing is reflective of my journey as an adopted person. much of my writing is raw, dark and sometimes depressing.
I've written this in the aftermath of my participation in a recent college course, which related in part to the emotional well being of children Research into the emotional difficulties young children experience in the midst and in the aftermath of traumatic life changing events promp...
Conventional adoption laws may need to be reviewed for more help reaching the more needy.
People must only adopt those children who have neither parents or those whose parents have destroyed their lives.
Points out the flaws in our current foster care system, mainly the issue of kids aging out of a broken system
The human resources at work in the enterprise should understand these business policies and work for the growth to turnover of the firm.
Why we fight for our country! As soldiers, we have pledged to defend, even to our deaths, this country!
An appraisal of Philomena, a film starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan which tells the true story of Philomena Lee, who as a young woman in Ireland was committed to The Magdalen Sisters after she became pregnant while unmarried. The Magdalen Laundries where the women were required to ...
Deborah Kirsten-Mey was asked by Annah Kopo to adopt the latter's baby girl. Deborah ended up being charged with child-trafficking.
This page is about the truth, it's about family court, it is about stealing our kids, It's about people who can buy our justice system. It is about family and why the government get's to take our children and destroy the values of love. It's the voice.
Karen falls pregnant at 16 in 1966 and has to give up her baby, but finds it hard to live with her conscience. At the age of 46 she learns that Laura has been trying to find her, it is her dearest wish to be re-united with her daughter but can they form a relationship after all these ...
Which may be the motivation for a family wants to adopt a child
Why do so many want to get adopted and expect the family they live in to sign papers or else they get mad. They shouldn't always have to do this
The plight of this small child should not be happening today, however it is happening in the cities and countryside of America. It is not always possible to detect a child that is being used as a slave. Recognize the fact that they usually do not attend school. You only see them in th...
The natural defense systems within us, come on at an early age. Here is my witness of a child building walls to protect her tender heart.
Adopting a child will fill the void in your heart.
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