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The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
Man is by nature not a one woman man and adultery is common in West and other societies. Islam has a solution, one may agree or not.
Many atrocities were committed during the religious reforms during the 1500s. The execution of Anne Boleyn was just one example of an innocent victim who suffered the consequences during that time.
The third in the series on Adultery, this one with a slightly different focus
As Christians, it is important for us to know the deeper meaning of the ten commandments and its implications to our life today.
A necessary check list to avoid dating married men
A short examination of adultery, from the general to the specific, with guides and tips
The second course in Adultery with tips and tricks and protective associations
A chapter of my life that until recent I couldn't let go.
Why is this man bending my ear about all of his wife's faults?
The world points at Islam with the finger and puts it to the wall of shame. Lapidation is such a controversial topic! What exactly means stoning to death, or lapidation?
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
Do you know there is a website that rates cheating men? Wives and girlfriends share their horrible experiences with these so called losers and the database is huge.
The Bible condemns behavior, not orientation. We may have a proclivity toward alcoholism or gambling or adultery, but the proclivity in itself is not a sin, yielding to sinful behavior is.
A poem about the conflicting emotions we go through when we are involved with someone who is adulterous, emotionally and mentally abusing and at times disrespectful.
Talk show with bizarre stories and even more bizarre guests
The cheek and inappropriateness of a predator dating the mother to get close to the daughter
short story of Mala who has a husband who gives her everything except fidelity - she plans a revenge
So far so good, we have been talking about Love and have concluded on exhibiting the Agape Love in every of our relationships. We want to now focus on a practical reality of how this Love should be shown in our Marriages. Please note that by using the Biblical principle, I do not cond...
We are taking our time to ponder on the practical reality of Love in Marriage. My first series which is: The Biblical Love Psychology (I to V) talks about basic Biblical principles which will help us better our relationships. Now this new series is on how we can apply these principles...
When love knocks at your door, it's the little things that matter. Otherwise, you'll be setting yourself up to a life of misery and betrayal.
George and Alice have been married a long time, and life is not a bed of roses for them. They take a holiday, maybe hoping a change would be as good as a rest. But things don't go all according to plan. A funny short story with a tinge of sadness in the mix.
Why some women want to be the Other Woman by dating married men
An attempt to move the about to be divorced and newly divorced from Insanity as quickly as possible
While Dr. Liverpool chased Freshmen his wife was deep into Gardening
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