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The eighteen to thirty-five age group is at a stage of physical and psychological development that should be full of enthusiasm and vitality, characteristic of young adult life.
Don't you ever have the urge to just act like children .... Childish? Silly? Stupid? Brainless? Why not ... It is amusing, having a good time, light-hearted pleasure. You are a child for such a short period of time, why not let loose once in a while. So you're told you're acting lik...
In today's world we have got this ever increasing problem of stress.more people are fatigued from stress than from their jobs or from their families. here's how you can lead a better life and kick out your stress...
People that have grown in such family life that encouraged such lifestyle have stronger family bonds, are more disciplined and has helped them in all sort of paths of life.
A token of Gratitude after many long years, to the first teacher a toddler met when he joined his school.
This tongue twister page is giving students practice with consonant blends and have fun as well. The consonant blends used are bl, sh, sl along with others.
Do you sleepwalk? Ever wonder if your child will grow up to be like you? Did you have night terrors then sleepwalk as an adult and now your child is having night terrors and are you wondering if they, too, like you, will sleepwalk. That is if you had those two problems with sleep.
Indian government recently passed amendments to labor laws, allowing children above 14 to work, without considering in depth the implications it has for the country.
Adam receives confirmation and is disappointed that he feels no different. He is impressed with the new teacher.
This article talks about the demands we make, the expectations we have of those around us and why when making them we should make sure we can do the same for them.
Today marks 100 years of a first of edition of a book that has been translated in a good handful of languages to let readers know about the story of a donkey, a country boy and its rural surroundings.
Students all over know the advantages and disadvantages of uniform. After examining each side of the argument, i will be able to explain how each side has valid points and come to a conclusion.
You're never too young to learn about being financially responsible. It can start off as simple as the contents of a child's piggy bank.
As a parent, it is HARD to let our children grow up. It is a time of confusion and misunderstandings. On OUR part as well as theirs! As a young adult, it is difficult to explain your actions to your parents!
Kids these days really shock me...and it makes me wonder what's this society going to become
My views on what to present children at this time of the year that they´ll really appreciate and will be happy with what they got.
obesity is risky for all kids and adults, its really affecting the world and has different effect on each situation.
I have met the enemy and it is us. We have allowed the idea of being right to over rule the need for clear decision making. Educated guesses can no longer be accepted.
We are bombarded daily on the news about the horrific outcomes of so many situations. It has occurred to me that many of those devastating results could be avoided if children had been trained to use some manners, common sense and show some respect. I share one of my true life exper...
The spiritual man will grow stronger in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord. But the natural man received not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Corinthians 2:14)
Every year Holi festival was celebrated in several parts of India mostly in West Bengal and Punjab and now it is popular in most of the state capitals celebrate it.
Aerobic exercise are the best for smoldering large and getting more fit, as per an US investigation
Dental problems are on the increase in the recent decades. Dental care is very vital to maintain good health because dental diseases may lead to other serious problems. Dental problems of the adolescents are not the same as that of adults.
The mouse saves Tom cat from a trap. But, the basic instinct never dies out. Cats like to eat mice. It is a natural law. What happened to the mouse?
It is unfortunate that a teacher did not understand that bed wetting is quite natural and in the case of girl children bed wetting is an ailment that requires medical treatment from a specialist.Hence, the child who was punished by the teacher for bed wetting needs Juvenile Justice.
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