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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we face so many issues that even the smallest molehill looks like Mount Everest. It's important we take a step back and see them for what they are.
Here is a simple lyric about the absolute necessity of keeping a dream, or goal.
The ways that our Creator tells us to walk in ~ are often in direct conflict with those of the world's systems. It is incumbent upon us to dare to be different.
"to feel the pain and burden of an old and weak woman that continues to forge on and refuses to give in to the harsh realities of life.."
Challenges are learning points that will give you the opportunity to excel in every situation you face. Adversity is not meant for you to give up on life, it is to show you your strengths.
You might not understand a person, or their views, but you can respect them.
We need not only the lucky breaks in life but also the wisdom to spot and seize them. Let us accept with good grace the rewards for the choices we make. Every challenge can prove a blessing, even the one due within three weeks!
Linknami is a big site with so many features and functions. It acts as an advertising network and as a marketplace. Advertisers can publish single page ads, site wide ads, text links, sponsored reviews, and social ads. Social ads might be new to your ear as it is probably to me. This...
Dedicated to Today's Teens as an encouragement for today's world.
Working on April Poem a Day Challenges again to finish them. This is Day 30- Fade Away. Dedicated to the recent situation I have been going through personally and the emotions of life overall.
Recently dealt with something online and wrote this in response.
This page gives the importance of the advertisements and advertising method
Good intentions are easily taken advantage of. However, we should never allow few bad apples to run roughshod over the majority and prevent them from pursuing honorable goals.
This short poem is dedicated to all of you "Survivors", with love!
Adversity is a great teacher and you cannot ignore its importance.
We all have problems; that's part of life. However, the attitude we have going through tough times really can determine in what condition we arrive on the other side.
A courageous soul with ample obstacles and enemies in his path...but he's determined to beat the odds--and come out victorious.
A short story about a coy setting out for a documentary on street life and about his fascinating explorations of him as a person.S
How to gauge where you are once you begin your healing process.
There are two worlds existing here, both having a different meaning to education.But there is a need for both of them to learn from each other to realize what true education is all about.
On attack of an adversity, if the person bounces back soon just as normal as he/she had always been, he/she is called to have resilience. If the person is not resilient, he/she may crumble down under an adversity for long if not for ever.
short opinion / life opinion - peace through adversity, experiences of adversity and inspired choices
How in one period people found themselves in a fotunate position, then in a matter of time that state changed.
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