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Skeletal muscle has a hierarchy of fuel choice when at various levels of activity. However, the currency of energy remains the calorie. This page discusses how a biochemical fact was misrepresented and resulted in disappointing results from exercise for millions over decades
The terms anaerobic and aerobic do not mean the same thing; there are major differences that can be identified between anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Knowing the difference between these two terms can help you improve your fitness level and overall health.
How to reduce heart failure risks people who are sitting in the offices more than 5 hours day at a stretch. By doing physical exercises after every two hours reduce heart failures.
Aerobic exercises target the heart and the lungs. It is an excellent form of cardio vascular exercises. It strengthens the heart muscles and improves lung capacity. It helps to lose weight, ease stress and helps to prevent many health conditions.
Jumping, running and twirling on top of a narrow step may look challenging but it's a great workout once you get the hang of it. Let's take a closer look at step aerobics.
An essential element in the treatment of diabetes mellitus is physical exercise. Here are basic suggestions on how to implement this important therapeutic tool.
Looking for a new kind of exercise, which will enchant you with? Require the visits of hours in the gym not only fun, but mainly improve fitness, strengthening problematic areas, and relief from stress? In that case, you get the HEAT, a relatively new and highly popular workout hit. W...
Michele Obama is the public force on childhood obesity. Her program is called "Lets Move." She will be looking at ways to improve nutrition in the public schools. The plan I have devised would turn inactive children into active, healthier and smarter students. If my plan was adopt...
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