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One women discovers her husband has been having an affair..
It is almost an everyday occurrence that finds us faced with television and media stories about love 'cheats'. We may indeed have knowledge of someone even closer in our everyday lives. It may even be us.The television always makes this seem exciting .This poem reflects some of the hi...
Suddenly the room door burst open as students came out. She waited patiently until every one of them had left the room. She then got up and straightened her dress and tapped the door gently.
I decided to write a novel because i have been watching a Masterpiece Classic...any Human Heart by Wlliam Boyd....well this started off as An Illicit Affair and immediately morphed in to poetry as set out below..I guess not the time yet for my novel...enjoy anyway...
When you find one or more of those five signs, you need to be careful. Keep your eyes on him and don't let him fool you.
The American Democrat Bobby Baker, 85 years old, uncovered, in an interview, surprising details of the relationship of John F. Kennedy with Ellen Rometsch, his last lover, now aged 77 years old.
Relationships or falling in love exist in this world but they should exist in our lives when we are grown and capable enough to understand and accept it, and to make this true teenagers need to change their opinions and way of thinking as stated in my article.
Diana thinks her husband may be having an affair, as heartbreaking as it is, she wants to find out the truth, and then decide what to do about it. Read on to find out more
Emmerdale is a daily soap that is aired every weekday evening at 7 o'clock. The latest storyline with Dominic Powers, has me hooked with all the twists and turns of the story. Read on to find out more.
Why do bad relationships happen? Who is usually the victim and/or villain between the two sexes? What is the major tactics used to make many of the same sex fall into the same trap?
Men cheat and they do it all over again. Here are some funny reasons why they do it.
When you have learned that your spouse has so un-thoughtfully cheated on you, your mind is bombarded by a volley of negative thoughts. It is now, after the affair has come to light that the questions start creeping in. You are feeling numb, all the while asking yourself; "How can this...
Do you wonder why your boyfriend doesn't answer your phone call? Read on to see why
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce amid rumors of not one but two affairs and whispers of more.
I wonder if love can exist even without an affair.
I wrote this short story when I was about nineteen.
I can not live without you; my life would be so forlorn. How can it be no one ever expected the secret time we share
It is on a couple's wedding day that they are first confronted with a set of wedding vows, one of those being the infidelity vow. It is at this time that most couples - husband and wife - truly believe that the act of infidelity is a true deal breaker and firmly believe that they woul...
There is but one critical element when it comes to surviving infidelity and that is to repair, develop and then deepen your emotional connection with your spouse.
Tiger Woods, Golf's greatest legend, becomes embroiled in a scandal of gargantuan proportions. Numerous text messages to his mistresses and wild nights of passion which were for so long a secret closely guarded by Tiger Woods, is now in full view of the world to see.
Are short term commitments better and healthy than the long ones?
A priest falls from his faith and discovers his dark side while trying to keep his family together
Celebrities many times are the model roles for most of their fans so they have more interest in their personal life too
Lisa didn't think she could love again, so when it happened, it took her totally by surprise.
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