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The affair that I truly remember that ended so tragically.
It is almost an everyday occurrence that finds us faced with television and media stories about love 'cheats'. We may indeed have knowledge of someone even closer in our everyday lives. It may even be us.The television always makes this seem exciting .This poem reflects some of the hi...
George Harrison fell in love with her at first sight, Eric Clapton fell in love with her despite her marriage to his best friend, who was she?
The third in the series on Adultery, this one with a slightly different focus
Lady Syxess gives her opinion on the latest scandal in Katie Price's private life and questions the UK media's obsession with force-feeding celebrity trash to it's public. Does Kieran deserve a prop up the celebrity ladder for cheating on his pregnant wife?
How do you know if you're dating a cheater. Well there are signs so read on
When you have learned that your spouse has so un-thoughtfully cheated on you, your mind is bombarded by a volley of negative thoughts. It is now, after the affair has come to light that the questions start creeping in. You are feeling numb, all the while asking yourself; "How can this...
Everyone must have had some sort of betrayal. It's not the end of the world when they cheat on you. What you can do.
A poem from wife to mistress. Far too often men and women both cheat without thinking of the bigger picture first.
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
What we do or what we don't do in a relationship can make the relationship work or go sour.
While Dr. Liverpool chased Freshmen his wife was deep into Gardening
We see what we want to see; just like we hear ONLY what we want to hear. WE look at a dog and call it a cat IF it suits our personal wants, needs and purposes. We call ourselves artists and yet we count the cost before laying ourselves bare. We declare boldly we want to strip to the '...
It is on a couple's wedding day that they are first confronted with a set of wedding vows, one of those being the infidelity vow. It is at this time that most couples - husband and wife - truly believe that the act of infidelity is a true deal breaker and firmly believe that they woul...
There is but one critical element when it comes to surviving infidelity and that is to repair, develop and then deepen your emotional connection with your spouse.
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