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This poem for for unborn child and babies who became angels watching us from heaven.
In the deepest darkness with the freezing coldness he walks towards her with a knife. His role is unidentified. Is he a protector or is he a destructor??. He looks into those eyes those eyes which reminds him of his past and drives his future and takes out the knife. Who is he?? Who w...
•In the last 20 years started more and more souls are being incarnated on earth to help with the changes that will come, to raise the vibrations and change this world from inside!
If we examine all kinds of relationships of a family like husband and wife,father-son,father-daughter,mother-son,mother- daughter brother-sister etc the husband and wife relation is the most important relation in the society. No family life can subsist without the ...
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
The place of love in a family setting is like an engine without a lubricating oil. Love is a lubricant that steers the family together. Read this article and get filled with the lubricant.
Many stories have been attributed to one sided love affairs and to anyone in love, this is just indispensable and cannot be relinquished in an ordinary way.
Delilah took new ropes, and bound him with loving affections: Samson allowed this bondage because he refused to escape the situation. when the Spirit of God leaves a person; what remains is of little comfort, there is simply no joy.
Sometimes I post a photograph to illustrate a stanza, or a scene, and sometimes I leave it to imagination, stark and alone.
the four distinguishing types of love that gives us such great pleasure,love is the stream through familiarity of the common cord that holds our emotions together
Himalayas and found in the most effective diabetes drug made from the plant called. If this drug for diabetics will be a panacea.
There was the era when discipline was the order of the day
There is not doubt that this person is always there despite the odds
A force so strong co compelling that hits anyone anytime at will
In this poem the speaker continues to address his beloved.
This page is very dear to me. It's dedicated to my summer fling last year. I hope you enjoy. This is to you my Bonnie.
It is a story about how people in Kenya meet for different reasons to celebrate their ethnicity
After dropping the idea of writting once, today i am back.. Back With A Bang... And the credit goes to just a single person, my TeaCher who motivated me in such a way that here i am.. With great respect, i want to thanks her and wana dedicated my this writting to her from the deeeeeep...
Most of my pages relates somewhere to the other with my bestfriend... and same is the situation for this.. I wrote every writting for bestie.. nd now this one 'The Last One' too for bestie.. Hope it will reach you where you are... And as i always say, "The Relations i make are not b...
One always feel that he has suffered a lot.. faced a lot.. nd wanted to share that with someone...but in true facts the experience is our own, no one else gives a damn..
"My wish.. my desire... my prayer.. my request... " these all becomes one when the one you are close to with, you find them really close to someone..
Everyone of us is waiting for his or her that one wish to be fulfilled about which your brain keeps on saying will never turn to reallity..
Everybody in his/her life has faced a situation where the one whom we trust the most break our trust like anything.. A short poem describing such situation..
With the change in time and responsibilties will it be the same?? This one for someone really close to my heart.. A question.. A confusions.. Of my heart...!! Are the things gona be same forever as they are??
A Symbolic poem, depicting painful love and affection - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
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