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Lust is the source of all evil and we must produce the big wisdom from love.
Moms long for their children till their last breath. They carry them in their womb, give birth to them and grow them with all love. But when the children are grown up, most of the moms are neglected and discarded.
This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.
this article is a tribute to the women in my family who have been there for me throughout my life. they have mothered me like i was their own, so i just want to say thanks.
my mother died when i was a baby but i had mothers who mothered me like their own birth child. i would like to dedicate this little article to all the women especially in my family who helped make me the man i am today.
A lot of memories which i carry at times when we are staying apart.
This poem, according to my personal records, was made in between "One Big Family" and "The Unicorn". If I remember correctly, this poem was a random poem that I just began thinking when I was about to go to sleep. Which this is the environment where a lot of my other poems came from. ...
Yes, my dog does follow me everywhere, if I let her in, she will be willing to have shower with me. That is their tendency, their language which expresses affection and love towards their master or anyone who gives them yummy food and cuddles them.
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