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Marriage was first ordained by God, and as such remain sacred, remaining sacred does not signify that there is no friction in it, though some of these frictions resulted sometimes in divorce, it was designed by God that spouses should have this union till death do them part. The ...
We have no idea why we are here, neither do we know where we come from, if at all. We cannot choose our parents. What matters is the time between birth and death and the endless choices to make our lives fulfilled. No one needs to be a loser unless we choose to!
'Affinity' by Sarah Waters is a great page turner. I recommend all story lovers to read this book.
The Law of Attraction goes to attract others, while the Law of Affinity follows the natural and inner beauty to co-exist. We have love in abundance if we know how to co-exist, the Law of Affinity. It is a story about it. Thanks!
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