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A look at problems faced by many African countries.
If you are of a mind to visit Africa and explore this exotic continent, we have a few tips to help you prepare.
Africa moving forward and throwing of the covers of decline, to take their rightful place in the international world status
News on the happenings in Nigeria a country in west Africa
African Culture is vast and complex one, In this article I point out two strange things in African culture.
Read about a medicinal and very nutritious soup delicacy amongst the peculiar riverine tribes in Ondo State, South-West Nigeria in West Africa. Every new mum enjoys this after labour.
The animal rule says they wouldn’t attack if they feel secure and not being disturbed. It’s not a movie line, but this Baboon attack really happen in Cape Town, Africa!
This is an inspirational story which shows that it does not matter where one come from for them them to succeed in life. It also shows how families in Africa value boys more than girls.
AFRICA IS NOT IN PEACE AND THE AFRICAN AMERICANS are suffering. Why are we blacks and our skin color a typical curse to our kind? Are Africans Africans problems? Finding my fellow Africans living inconveniently in overseas and the bitter fate they are subjected made me pathetic and pe...
The Abiku mystery is much treated among the African modern contemporary writers. The belief has spread rapidly through out Africa, primarily due to high infant mortality rate.African beliefs is that Abiku is an evil child that torment the parent with perpetual birth and death,and it ...
As we celebrate special days around the world, I was happy to know that Nelson Mandela Day is now one that is to be celebrated or recognized. The exact date throughout the world is July 18th. July 18, 2012 is the first time that I acknowledged it as a day of celebration. For me it is...
Mandingo is about real real African history...
Like most other African countries, Ghana too has a very rich cultural tradition that would fascinate any observer. This Gold Coast is mulitcentric and multiethnic society with colours and shades of humanity.
A poem i wrote about Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. A very busy town and the former capital of Nigeria. Lagos is densly populated and the most busy city in Nigeria.
In a land with one of the highest incidence of HIV and AIDS in the world, a nation divided between three ethic groups and two dominant religions, Nigeria is a nation in the throes of social change. Amidst this change, Nigerian women are now the greatest users of sex toys on the plane...
While the field of natural curatives seems to be getting more attention than at any time in the past fifty years, it is essential to recognize that although the general creed of those of us who advocate natural curatives is that nature provides cures for whatever ailments humankind ma...
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