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A look at problems faced by many African countries.
A short history of the effects of the Moors on Europe and the Caribbean
This poem is about blacks loving and accepting their African American hair.
This page talks about the African way of education before colonialism, this was informal education that was used before the coming of the formal way of education.
This page talks about how Africans both in the past and even in the present believed in the herbal ways of healing
the Irony of the black race and the architect of the black man's trouble
News on the happenings in Nigeria a country in west Africa
This is a story set a long time ago when Africans ruled unapposed as as Monarchs and held court. A love story emerged from out of this court that would unite warring tribal factions against a common enemy.
Voodoo was introduced to Louisiana by the African slaves. When voodoo was first introduced to Louisiana, the French would not approve or tolerate the religion.
This poem is on President Goodluck Jonathan who told Nigerians in a speech how he grew up going to school without shoes. The opposition who have branded him the clueless one have continued to ridicule him with the shoe story by calling him the shoeless one. The poem attempts to look a...
Nelson Mandela came from a very poor illiterate family, but proved that a man with drive and passion could change the world
There's a death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot. No joke.
This page is about Africa and the good things that very few people embrace about this lovely continent
Told in snippets, a love story about a Grecian and an African woman, and thier love and loss.
As we celebrate special days around the world, I was happy to know that Nelson Mandela Day is now one that is to be celebrated or recognized. The exact date throughout the world is July 18th. July 18, 2012 is the first time that I acknowledged it as a day of celebration. For me it is...
Slavery in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands (New York)
The second part of the series on Slavery in America
Understanding how it came about, why it continued, and why it ended
Told in snippets, a love story about a Grecian and an African woman, and thier love and loss.
Come across a diet rich in medicinal value,worry not then here is all the details of all important African traditional foods.
It was fifty years after slavery ended and for the first time, African Americans who moved Northwards, many of whom settled in Harlem. There they were able for the first time to express themselves culturally without inhibitions
A poem i wrote about Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. A very busy town and the former capital of Nigeria. Lagos is densly populated and the most busy city in Nigeria.
Tripe ( Serobe ) A popular dish of Botswana. Thoroughly washed, then boiled mixture of tripe, intestines, lungs and some inside parts of a cow, goat or sheep are cooked until soft . If an animal is sheep or goat, the trotters are added. They organs are then cut into small pieces wi...
~a handful of keys~a labyrinth of locked doors~the death/life chair~seeking through tunnel veins beneath the university~three tiers down~river blood~doubting he can save Emily~Basil is determined to try and find out why~
~Emily undergoes her first Cranial Loop procedure~Basil struggles to maintain a clinical perspective~Professor Grimes makes an effort to keep him in his place~leaves Basil in charge of Emily~
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