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Lies, deception, war, demonic posessions, more lies and more evil and more deception and more Satanic possessions... such is everyday life at South Africa's universities.
Ooooooooooh, Afrikaners are just so evil, the most evil of all being their white skins!!! How dare they be so pretty and light coloured and have seen any practicality in "Apartheid"??? Feel ashamed ye Afrikaner wonderhuman, for the world media tells you you are eeeeevilllll!! Feel ...
I had so many plans for yesterday, but yesterday I fell asleep and slept for the whole day. But I worried not - there's tomorrow to do it, isn't there? And so tomorrow becomes today, and all my plans are lined up and ready to go. The first thing on the agenda is of course fitne...
Time passes on the sundial in Kevin's garden. How he would love to know one day how time works! If he knew how time works, he would be able to sort out his life and get all his business in order.
The weather looked good for a film shoot - no rain. But is rain all to look out for? Evidently there is an invisible force that can smack you right off your feet, that you never think about!
Usually people ask me what EENDAG means. I can translate it literally, but today I'm going to tell you exactly what it means to me.
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