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Heart Attack tends to occur suddenly, and the headline of the severe pain in the chest as a result of the lack of blood in the form of inadequate to the heart muscle. When erupt these pains, many do not care to believing it as a mother, will disappear after a while. But we should not ...
Happiness is having good friends, Who will help you right to the end happiness is hiding behind the door, And finding a rupee on the floor, Happiness is a sunny day, when children can go our and play, Happiness is having something to share, an apple and orange or a nice fresh pear...
Surprised to see her alone and sad the elders gathered around er. On hearning of her Gowrappa’s illness, they tried their best to make her feel better. They cracked jokes, sang songs, showed pictures, told interesting and then prayed for her grandfather’s recovery.
~lipstick on the mirror~I love you red~I hate you black~ambulance on the lawn~cop cars & firetrucks~if they couldn’t save the breathers inside~how the hell could I~but I had to try~those boys took me down~until the woman inside cried my name~the priest told me don’t tell her~there...
Survival at the sea can be a long grueling experience that will require one to have courage and hope if they want to make it to land safely and live on much longer in life.
I tried to present in this poem what Jiddu Krishnamoorthy said about Birth & Death. Am I successful? Am I clear in this expression?
Waking up and feeling that awful realisation and hazy headedness.
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