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After all the past drama with fires and the damage and the injuries, it seems here comes a new dose of all that! Or shall it be better this time?
There was a town Sunderpur. There was a Thakur ji temple on the hill. Dhapu Baba temple priest who lived nearby.
I pray to God every day Just to take my pain away For you to return to me again For us to love each other again
For all who have sorrows in their hearts that are still raw with deep feelings - the day will come when you will know how to smile again ........
sometimes in our sorrows we feel as if our heart will never mend - but this poem speaks of a time when we will smile again - and all will be well again.
I feel a need to move my life forward, to find new love and so far I have found nothing but loneliness.
In the summer recess between freshman and sophomore years in college, i was invited to be an instructor at a high school leadership camp hosted by a college in Michigan, I was already highly involved in most campus activities, and I jumped at the opportunity. I tell this story as of...
A Fibonacci Sonnet is a sonnet composed of stanzas consisting of the fibonacci sequence with each stanza having the same number of syllables and lines as the portion of the sequence it is in. Also, each stanza has all lines rhyme. 1-1-2-3-5-8-5-3-2-1-1 Enjoy! Love will wait patiently ...
A poem about my garden wishing well, how it brings luck to others but not me.
This condition is still being safe, because there is no visible loss of life.
From Robert Brewster's Poetic Asides prompt Until We Meet Again. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
This poem is of someone self loathing their weakness for being heart broken.
Thank God I am set free from the bondage of sin, bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ and made a Child of God.
I was seized by a sudden flood of concepts and had to grab the nearest bit of scrap paper. The notes grew of their own accord into a rather interesting structure. It's lovely when months of writer's block are interspersed with occasional surges of inspiration. :) A bit of almost-Evane...
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