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A 3 different poems spurred by "World Kindness Day" back to back with a poem about mating in animal kingdom and a piece dedicated to a missing cat.
I reviewed his book "The Soul Talkers" Last week and now I am here to review his second book which I just finished reading. This is a book to read and I hope my review is plain, simple, sincere and good enough for you to understand how I feel about it.
When you grow up learning without adult parents, life can become an obstacle course. Only in my youth did I seek Divine Wisdom and found that it comes from trials and tribulations. So finding the appropriate Love and support is similarly the same.
Sometimes love seeps out of me and I can't stop it. It is the glory of life.
Through 3 episodes, we have talked about Love, its stages, how it is categorized and the characteristics of each of its stages. As we already know, its stages are firstly the attraction and then Love itself. Now let's combine the two and see what we can learn.
From previous series we have learnt what the stages and categories of Love are. Now after the attraction what next? What do you think? If you have been following this series and understanding it, subsequent ones would be easily comprehensible. Let's find out what next after the attrac...
From the first article in this series, we took our time to know the categories and stages of Love. Attraction is the first out of the two stages of Love and now we want to spend more time knowing what it is about, how relevant it is to Love and when we know we are engrossed in it.
I have read lots of divorce articles, talking about when and how to divorce amicably to avoid extra hurt. Well, I believe in the prevention principle and it helps save lots of treatment pills such as (Divorce). If we can prevent by loving each other the right way (especially in our ma...
Do you understand what love is? Television dramas mainly portray one aspect of love - the physical - but there are two other types that you should know about. Do not be deceived by the culture! Learn about all three types.
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