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Last week we spent a week in the West Country. It was our holiday, and we tried to pack as much activity into the week as we could. Read on to find out more
I love a good mystery drama on TV. I watch all the old Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Poirot mysteries, and you cannot beat a good old Sherlock Holmes story.
Someone you've never met shares their thoughts on an Agatha Christie.
Not an Agatha Christie but the atmosphere is something of the daily lives people are supposed to lead and then, the tragedy strikes. The characters are well-sketched and author takes a lot of effort and time to lead to the cataclysmic moment and pains in description the people. So, at...
Agatha Christie, one of the best names in the world of mystery and thrillers. She has created many characters like Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, Parker Pyne, Mr. Quinn and many other characters. But, only two stand out as the most famous in competitio...
Isn't this one of the key reasons why people write on pay websites? The desire to be discovered. It is certainly a strong motivator. Having worked on several different things over many years, I did know that I could write, but on the other hand had rarely been published. Yet later I d...
This is a review of "A Pocketful of Rye", a mystery novel written by Agatha Christie.
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