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Aging is nothing new we all become loose skin pump-skins
When the years of joy and pleasures have diminished, poor health begins to follow us into the elderly homes
This article is a book review about a book written by the writer Deepak Chopra. This writer has written many books about a range of different subjects. This one is about ageing, and why we age. The writer (of this article) once met Deepak at a talk on transcendental meditation. He ...
Breaking out of the comfort zone has many advantages and there are a number of ways for doing that. Here are a few that immediately come to my mind. You may discover more ways and gains for yourself in your circumstances.
This is a poem about time, and how the years come raining down, and what we hope for ourselves as time runs low.
Every body wish to look young even though their age is growing, they will use what ever the new they hear from news, paper about Ageing. Some times Coffee may decrease ageing and some may say Red wine will decrease ageing. But how far they are able stop ageing.
The young man knows love in a thousand differ dreams, while the old man only has memories to hold on to.
Several tips to rejuvenate one's health and skin From genetics to daily life, through sport and better food, from stress management to serene way of life
Women in general are quite particular about their looks.I exhort them to break the stereotypes and accept themselves as they are.
A poem about the mind of a 'soon to be' middle aged man.
We all get old that is true, but our mind never seems to get as old and as fast as our bodies. I am sure many of you will know just what I mean
A man reflects on his life life as he has gotten older. Some people feel that they should act old as they age; others live life to the fullest, enjoying it while it lasts.
Nature may hold the answer to your beauty woes, essential oils can have amazing results when used as part of your everyday beauty routine.
You don't have to spend a fortune on skin care products to make a difference to your skin. Simply knowing what active ingredients to look out for in your cosmetics will help improve are resolve many skin concerns.
Age with time Lady Grace..We all without exception must and have to age so why not age gracefully and fade away
It was a bit difficult for me reaching that infamous number/age of 50, much more so than any other milestone birthday, and here I share some of those feelings about that time in my life.
A quarter-life crisis: the 21st century's newest fad obstacle. At age 25-ish, when you're a grown up but may not feel like it, our youth-obsessed media has you panicking about your career, relationships and life goals. Don't worry - there's some nice surprises, too.
Someone is one year older today and really need to act their age instead of acting 21 young wild and free
Things that have helped me come to terms with the big 50
Kiwi fruit is good for health, kiwi fruits are known with other names in other parts of the world. Kiwi fruit is having lot of nutritional values.
One can’t work successfully only from the outside in if one wants a change to be permanent and effortless for the rest of your life: there are emotional, energetic, spiritual and emotional issues attached to food, and anybody who finds him or herself eating for comfort or tucking in...
Every body wish to appear young and charming, so we wish to protect from ageing and wrinkles on the skin.
Consuming Pomegranate extract or fruit with seeds will keep you as young, it effects on DNA and ageing.
Here are a few natural food items that can help you remain young and healthy
There are some reasons of ageing. As before long as we are born, we quickly discover about the harmful things we can imagine from being older, because of society's alarm around getting old.
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