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To age with dignity intact is something we would all like to be able to do.
We age as we add years to our life. The age shows up first as wrinkles on our face... tension and anxiety are siblings of age and speed up the aging process by adding frown lines to the wrinkles!
The age of my years can be summed up when that gray has turned white
This article is a book review about a book written by the writer Deepak Chopra. This writer has written many books about a range of different subjects. This one is about ageing, and why we age. The writer (of this article) once met Deepak at a talk on transcendental meditation. He ...
Knowing how to age gracefully and not pretending that one´s to be 20 forever are key.
Embracing uncertainties is the better way than trying to avoid them. We should cultivate the right attitude to face the eventualities and even use the harsh times to reinvent ourselves to become better human beings to benefit society and empathize with those in greater need.
This article gives tips on how one can make it too see our 100th bithday
When you are young they tell you "these are the best days of your life".Eventually everything is stripped away.Brutal reality but true.
Is it a given that as you get older that you become wiser? In some instances I think that might be true.
This article is about five foods that may reverse aging
When time catches up to a loved one in one great instant.
This is a short poem about a vain man whose body will slowly, but definately age... no matter what.
Aging into my mother and wearing the 'mask' of many different people and personalities.
A poem about the mind of a 'soon to be' middle aged man.
To 4 times faster aging cells , if there are not sufficient vitamin C. Normative recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 60 mg.
Getting older? Feeling irrelevant in today's youth-oriented culture? Does the wisdom of your age seem ignored by others? How to keep your relevance in today's culture, especially as a Christian.
Far to many people yearn for the mental vitality of our youth, while accepting the demise of our aging minds without a fight. Brain games, such as crossword puzzles and sudoku can help but what if we're unable to concentrate enough to do them? This is information on how to improve the...
An article on green tea and how it accords health benefits. Discover some of the benfits that accrue from regular consumption of this brew.
This is a poem about meeting up with an elderly gentleman who resided in a nursing home.
Poem on aging with dignity and hope. Live fully each day and don't regret it.
Does anyone still think that ageing is a sad stage in our lives? It may be sad, but for many companies is a huge business to consider.
What you might expect from botox treatement from my own experiences
Everyone wants to contact others and mingle with others. Participating in games and fun is really interesting. It brings enjoyment. Does participation in social activities help good health? Researchers say that involvement in social activities promotes one’s health. It helps a healt...
An amusing story about getting chatted up by a teenager, and my thoughts on ageing
After several failed attempts at this thing called "exercise," I may have found something I'll stick with.
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