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The air we breathe in India is polluted and is far above the permissible limits and can make us sick. Wearing a right Mask is the only way out.
Snake plant is not only a beautiful ornament in the house or office but an air purifier and a good source of quality fibers to support local handicraft enterprises.
This article is about Air Tool Servicing,The demand for air tools
Despite all your best attempts at preventing colds, do you still suffer often from a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes? The culprit behind these may not be germs but the irritants in the air which may be causing your chronic colds.
Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dange...
Summer is at hand. Allergies also accompany the enjoyments of summer. Many of the allergies that occur in the spring continue in summer also along with the heat, humidity, and air pollution of summer.
Air purifier not only kills germs but also purifies air and leaves behind fresh air to breathe. It removes all kinds of foul smell present within the environment of a house.
Studies done by the American Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that over 170 million people in the United States currently live in places where the level of smog in the air is poisoning their bodies.
It has been discovered that many common houseplants eliminate significant amount of harmful gases – such as benzene and formaldehyde – from the air through photosynthesis.
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