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The 20th century saw the first air-planes emerge. From the Wright brothers in the early 20th century, planes were developed and advanced in a number of ways. During war-time, planes of war took to the skies. Then, in peace-time passenger planes got quicker and quicker to the point tha...
The Pacific War was one where navies and aircraft were essential. The introduction of the carrier ensured that planes would be increasingly important to naval combat. As such, carrier aircraft were essential in battles at Midway and the Philippine Sea. Here are a few of the most notab...
In the early 20th century, the Wright brothers developed and flew the first aircraft. A decade later and Europe was on the brink of war, as Germany declared war on Russia and then France. As such, the military potential of the aircraft would soon be discovered by both sides during the...
During the 1930s, the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) added a range of aircraft carriers to its fleet. For these carriers the navy required a variety of aircraft such as combat planes, dive-bombers and torpedo-bombers. They were all the more essential when the IJN began drafting Operatio...
Father babbles and babbles and babbles over the radio with pure excitement. He's so excited that Petros and I have finally arrived in the Canyon Manoir area. He keeps asking us if we can see him. I see the truck where he and Harrison is, but I'm so airsick I can barely think straight...
It's been years now - I have three years in my head but it might be more or less, but likely more - that Father has been working on his flying contraption that he's building over at Tower Hills Airport.
Jack Koccumings is sitting in Father's self-built aircraft. He's probably sweating like a pig. But he's done this before. What's the worst that can happen? Ok, a lot of things.
Father is so stoked now that his flying craft is nearing completion, that he is inspired anew to fly all over. So he asked me last night that this morning at eight-o-clock, him and I fly to Parsima to have breakfast there.
One night, Father comes to see me in the living room. He asks that I bring my video camera with me tomorrow and come film him at Tower Hills airport. So, the next day I'm there.
From the moment the Pacific War began, to the moment it ended, aircraft were of great importance during this conflict. The development of increasingly sophisticated bombers during the interwar period allowed for more accurate bombing campaigns on military and industrial targets. In ad...
The British had a number of famous 20th century aircraft designs. They were primarily military designs, although some notable passenger planes were also among them. These are a few of the great British planes of the century.
This is for writers to differentiate between curves and straight lines.
However, for those who are healthy, the easiest way to deal with pain in the ear is, in a manner swallowed every 15-30 seconds.
This article is about the a female fighter pilot that help with an attack on ISIS
Mysteries have always fascinated man. Bermuda Triangle presents another enigma that swallows entire ships and any aircraft flying in the air above. Here we examine another case of missing aircraft and solve the mystery.
The page is about four large airplanes that take their place in history.
What if an airplane engine used as motorcycle engine? Does it sound crazy? A mechanic Frank Ohle modified a motorcycle with an airplane engine. Imagine how noisy it will be.
From where is idea for such design?Is this helicopter or air plane?
Have Zeppelins future or are they things of past?
There are several types of annoying passengers traveling regularly, but the co-passengers suffer with these annoying passengers.
This article is about the hospitality of Air Hostess
Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 6 - A walk in the Park for Maps and Chipper
Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 4 Time for a game of Cricket
Maps and Chipper - The Secret Aeroplane, part 3. Bardufloss plans a devious deed
Maps and Chipper - The Secret Aeroplane, Part 2. Maps and Chipper encounter the Secret Aeroplane
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