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The page is about four large airplanes that take their place in history.
A short story about a father and his daughter's trip to Las Vegas his last year of life.
The fear of boarding an airplane today is well documented. With the recent accidents it is no wonder why more people have that fear.
I enjoy flying about as much as I enjoy having a root canal.
Traveling to most people is an ultimate goal. They plan, save, and look forward to it like it's the apex of their existence.
We can steal and get away with it. Keep yourself honest though. Here I indulge in my pleasures.
In the unfortunate (or fortunate) event that one has a need to use the bathroom when 30,000 in the air, please remember the etiquette
The basic fundamentals you need to get an airplane safely on the ground.
Aug. 16 Colombian passenger plane Boeing 737 crashed on landing at the Colombian island of San Andres. As a result of the 121 passengers and 6 crew members one person died of a heart attack and 114 injured.
The history of the airplane which started like a child's kite in the early Centuries has transformed the world's transport system with heavy flying engines. Transportation of passengers and goods has been made easy through the use of airplane.
Ever wondered how to make your air travel more effortless and more comfortable, even in economy tickets? This is the advices of a frequent traveller regarding air travel, airports and customs, airline emals, packing, preparing and everything else related to travelling in a comfortable...
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